Monday, October 31, 2011

Newborn Portraits| Kaydence Sneak Peek | Red Bluff Photography

I am so excited to finally be sharing my niece Kaydence's portraits with you! :)
Although, since I took these my other sister Samantha has had her baby too!!
So I have her Maternity portraits to share with you soon and her new baby girl's portraits to take. Yay!

Well lets get on with the pictures, shall we!?
Meet Kaydence Kiah!!

Sweet little thing!

Since she was an October baby, we did a black and Orange/ Halloween theme.

Pumpkin hat was a consignment shop find! Only $3. :)
Precious, right... love that I captured this smile!!

I custom made this little headband, its a mini version of my Miss October Ruffled Headband.
I wonder if anyone would be interested in seeing newborn headbands in my shop??

Doesnt she have the most gorgeous pouty lips!?

One of her announcement options.

Look at that sweet smile!

Both tutu's were made by me.

Another birth announcement option. :)

Love these chubby little cheeks!!

I love my beautiful little niece. ♥♥

Ok so Kaydence's nursery theme is Monkey's and her colors are blue and pink.
Which is why we also did the blue and pink tutu and headband.
So of course then we had to get a couple shots of her sportin' an adorable sock monkey hat!
 Sock Monkey Hat from The Knotty Boutique!
Lauren (Owner of The Knotty Boutique) makes the cutest hats, and the quality is amazing!
I definitely recommend going to her, she even makes up her own designs!
I needed a Hello Kitty hat and she created one for me. :)

I love this one she just loves so lovely and peaceful, I really adore her little lips.

Another smile! Lucky captures. haha

I created this little collage, thought it would be great on canvas!

Well, I hope you enjoyed meeting my niece Kaydence, as much as I enjoyed showing her off! :)

Much Love & Hugs,

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Blog-erview With Jamie of Snow In December!!

Its Wednesday and time again for another Blog-erview!!!
Lets welcome Jamie from Snow In Decemeber to Agape Love Designs!!
If you are new here, find out about the Blog-erview Series {here}
And see all the other interviews {here}

 Can you tell us a little about yourself and Your blog?
I'm Jamie, of Snow In December,  and I've been obsessed with writing for as long as I can remember. In the past I would get an idea in my head and I'd write it on whatever I had available - a napkin, a receipt, my arm.

Now that I have a blog, I get to write my random thoughts somewhere permanent, and I fancy that someone might actually READ them! Yay!

Topics you'll see often on my blog are my Faith, the importance of family time, and random odds and ends that make up the smorgasbord that is me. I value honesty, kindness and love, and I try to weave those values through-out my posts.

 What has been the most challenging moment in being a blogger?
To me, one of the hardest things to navigate in this blogging world is dealing with privacy issues. How much personal information should I share? How much control do I have over my personal content? These are questions I still struggle with finding the answers to.

Another toughie has been fighting against my thin skin and handling hurt feelings with grace. I blogged about that here, in a post entitled - UN-FOLLOWED!

 Everyone has a favorite favorite post. Name yours and why?
After scrolling through tons of old posts (I have 147 and I've been blogging only 6 months! YIKES!) I settled on three favorites.

 Nothing Can Stop The Pink - A frivolous and fun What I Wore post dedicated to my favorite color

If Only I Could See the Way You Do - Taking a look at how our Heavenly Father sees us

The Story of an Accidental Mommy -  A personal anecdote telling how God had plans for me beyond what I ever wanted or dreamed.

 What has been the best thing about blogging so far?
It's hard to choose just one thing! The ability to write to a (small but encouraging) audience, the chance to make new friendships, the excitement of sharing something new I've learned... There are so many little things that make blogging worthwhile. But I think the best part of blogging are the days when I receive a comment like this: "Thank you for sharing that. That is exactly what I needed to hear today." It is such a great feeling to know that the words God has given me have helped someone.

God is ever-present, even in the Blogosphere. I believe that He is working through you and I, sinful as we are, to bring his sheep closer to Him, and to invite lost lambs to become a part of His flock.

I'd love to see you at my blog! Stop by and say hi! 

And one more thing: I'm having a giveaway! If you have a sweet little girl and want something cute to adorn her head, click here! 


Wow, I must say, What a WONDERFUL interview this was!
Jamie you are SUCH an inspiration to me, I totally ♥ You!
Thank you for sharing with us today. :)

Much Love & Hugs,

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What I Wore: Costume Party

Last weekend The Hubs and I went with some friends to a costume party!
I posted a sneak peek of my costume accessories... did any of you guess correctly!?

I went as a Pirate! :)
Pirate costume (including headband): 2009 Torrid Costume (borrowed from my sister!), Fishnet stockings: Torrid, Leggings: Walkmart, Boots: Yard Sale, Gold Necklace: Premiere,
Beads & Feather Hair Accessories: Handmade by me! :)

Here is a look at how I did my makeup.
I did my own version of a very dramatic smokey eye with a splash of red to go with my costume.
You can see how I did this with just red & cream shadows in this seeing red makeup tutorial.
The only thing I did different was added the black around the outer corners of my eyes and under my lower lashes all the way across AND used black eye liner to make it really dramatic.

Here is a closer look. I think I could have gotten away with a little more black for the pirate look.
But I decided to keep it pretty blended.

So basically I was like a little kid this day. 
I was totally excited to be going to a costume party and dressing up all fun!
I mean how often do you get to do that!?
So I had fun with it!
I took several pictures every step of the way to send and share with my sisters. :)
And to share with you all of course! haha ;)

So here is my hair in process... ( I got a hair cut recently btw.. did you notice? lol)
I pulled it half up to add little braids in at various places through out my hair. 
Pulled my bangs to the side and added the beaded feather clip I made...
Notice the skull? Yeah that wasnt in the sneak peek I posted.. I happened to find that bead last minute and had to add it! Perfect touch, right!?

To add the large head band, I left the front sections of my hair out, and pulled the rest of it up
and wrapped it around my head and tied it at the base of my neck.
Once I let it down, I clipped in the other longer feather clip I made and braided it into a larger messy braid.

I wasnt liking that extra hair in the way.. so pinned it back.. and voila!
I got the perfect "Jack Sparrow" inspired pirate look! Yay!
So I tried to look fierce for a Piratey picture... haha

All put together...

I totally love the awesome wire wrapped octopus ring, I made!
What do you think?

Time to go!
We carpooled with our good friends Christian & Kim!
Its pretty funny that both our husbands figured out costumes for themselves LAST minute!
No Joke.
Here I was creating my own accessories a week in advanced, and in the last few hours The Hubs decides... "Oh, maybe I will just wear my old ACU's and go as an Army Man!" lol
Christian dressed as a "nerd". haha They both looked great, though. 
Kim, was a cat obviously... and looked gorgeous- as she ALWAYS does! :)

We had a great time together at the party!
And I thought it would be fun to share a few blurry cell phone pictures....

I was being a total stinker... 
Kim & Christian were trying to get a cut couple shot.. So I ran in giving the peace sign. HA!

Christian... and me in the background.

The Hubs and Christian's Sister Tiffany.
(She was a pirate too! I totally wanted her hat!!)

Tiffany, Me, Kim

My Blue Steel is terrible! haha
But a "must pose" for party pictures! Right!? ;)
Goodness... Im so SHORT!!

I totally had fun dressing up for this costume party!!
Are you planning or going to any costume/Halloween parties?!
Or are you planning on dressing up at all for Halloween?

If so, what are you going as?
Hope you share your costume and/or party pics!!! :)

Much Love & Hugs,

P.S. Im gonna be Linking this post up to these places.
Check them out!! :)
Momma Go Round pleated poppy

Monday, October 24, 2011

Singing Praises!! A Sneak Preview Of Our Family CD

My sister and I are getting our families together to create a CD to send out to friends & Family this Christmas.
No it isn't of Christmas songs, but our favorite uplifting, inspiring and just plain great songs from some of our favorite Christian artists!
The song will have 21 tracks, and here is a sneak preview, 
a few snippets, of the 8 songs we recorded yesterday!

Song list:
~Crystal Clear 
Sang by Mona Campbell (My sister)
Original Artist: Jaci Velasquez

~I Get On My Knees 
Sang by Myself & Mona
Original Artist: Jaci Velasquez

~Im With You 
Sang By Myself & Mona
Original Artists: Nicole Nordeman & Amy Grant

~The Way 
Sang by:Campbell Kids (Jasmin & Tyler), Gridley Kids (Kiah & Bruce), Myself & Mona
Original Artist: Jeremy Camp

~Somewhere In The Middle
Sang by: My Sister Mona & her son Tyler
Original Artist: Casting Crowns

~The Greatness Of Our God
Sang by: Mona & Her Husband Clayton
Original Artist: Natalie Grant

~As The Deer
Sang by: Mona & her oldest son Josh
Guitar played by: Josh Campbell
This song is a Hymn

~Your Great Name
Sang by Mona & Josh
Guitar Played by: Josh
Original Artist: Natalie Grant


The Hubs was feeling sick yesterday, so we couldnt do our songs.
He will be playing guitar and singing a few songs with me and on his own.
Songs like:
Long Black Train
Revelation Song
Better Than A Hallelujah
and several more!
I am excited to record those too!

But so far I think it has come along great.
Doesnt my sister have an AMAZING voice!?
I am so proud of our kids too. :)
There is nothing sweeter to my ears than hearing little voiced singing praises!
Even Zander & Bella sing along so sweetly!
Though they were not in the recordings.
Mona and I are trying to teach them Jesus Loves Me, so that they can have their own little track.

Anyways... so there is the preview, I am sure my sister will put together another preview video once we record the rest of the songs! And I will definitely share it here with you all too. :)
We are so excited to get this done and give them out to our friends and family.
We hope & pray this will be a blessing. That God will use it to touch hearts and lives... 
Especially to those that don't know or have a relationship with our Amazing God.

Much Love & Hugs,

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Easy Canvas Prints Review And 50% Discount Plus FREE Shipping!!

I mentioned Easy Canvas Prints before in my Photo Gallery Sneak Peek post.
But today I wanted to take a minute to give you a few more details about them.
I was contacted a while back by Easy Canvas Prints about reviewing their canvas'.
I was offered a free 8x10 Canvas Plus free shipping, in return for the review.
I love a good canvas so I agreed, but I wanted something a little bigger so...
I went ahead and paid the difference for an upgrade to the 11x14 size.

The process is very easy, you get to chose your size and canvas wrap thickness.
Then you get to upload your photo, and they have an image quality indicator.. 
so you know how good the quality will be of your picture on the canvas.
You also get to customize your border with a mirror image, image wrap, or border color of your choice.

I chose the image wrap.. and as you can see... the image wraps around the border..
You should know that this means the picture on the front will be cropped smaller so that it can wrap all the way around. So be sure to check the preview on how it looks otherwise you might crop something out that you wanted on the front.
That wasnt a problem for me, but I could see how it could be if you are not paying close attention to the preview of how your canvas will look! So be sure to check that! :) You can even choose to zoom in or out on your picture to your liking.. its right by the preview!

So here is the canvas I got, when it arrived! :)
I love it, the color and quality is gorgeous! 
And everyone who comes into our home notices it and comments on it. :)

I was so thrilled with my canvas, that I instantly knew I wanted to order another one!
And just my (and your) luck, because after getting my first canvas I checked them out on facebook to leave some comment love and saw that there was a special discount for their facebook fans!

And an AMAZING special discount it is!!!
50% Off PLUS Free shipping! 
Now thats a great deal!
So if you are looking to get a canvas of your own soon, fan Easy Canvas Prints on Facebook
and get in on their exclusive offer! Now is the perfect time to get one or more.. they make perfect gifts for Parents, Grandparents...friends.. anyone! Who doesnt love a great work of art!?

Dont forget to leave some comment love on facebook, thanking them for the wonderful discount, 
feel free to let them know I sent you too! :) That would make my day.

With the amazing FB discount, I was able to get my second Canvas, 14x11 in size...
seen here on the end of my mantel.

And here is the first one up on my shelves for now.

I was planning on creating a lovely wall gallery in my hall way with all the new pictures of the kids...
how ever with my new super busy schedule I havent had the time to get it done as soon as I had hoped. :(

Of course when I do finish it, you know I will be sure to share the finished project! 
Hopefully that will be sooner rather than later. 
Praying for more hours in the day! haha ;)

Much Love & Hugs,

P.S. I would also like to mention that Easy Canvas Prints also always has many amazing deals and discounts that get sent to your email when you sign up for them! :)
So I encourage you to do that if you want to have a heads up on all the great deals they have going on!
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