Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The 411 On My Life And Bloggy Updates!!

Gracious... it has been just about a week since my last post!!
 I half expected to come check out my blog and find a few less followers,
but was surprised to find I had a few EXTRA followers! :)
Thank you!
Ive just been super busy lately, my schedule has been changing and may change even more soon..
For now, though, my week goes something like this:

Monday- My kids have minimum days (yes every monday!) and go to Good New Club
I will be going to a Womens Bible Study Group that is starting soon at my church Monday nights.
Tuesday- Mommy Group in the mornings
Wednesday- Open day..which is great it means I have time to crafts, blog and such in between my mommy and wife duties! I try to cram as much bloggy/crafty/business stuff as I can in this day!
Thursday- I volunteer in Brucey's Kindergarten class for the whole day. 
Then I usually have worship practice that night.
Fridays- I volunteer in Kiah's 3rd grade class part of the day.
Saturdays- My only day to sleep in! Yay. 
Also an open day with no plans, but its usually a family day.
Sunday- Church and "football day" according to The Hubs LOL 

So as you can tell my life is a busy one right now!
And on top of that I am also looking for a job. 
Not something I really want to do.. its The Hubs suggestion...
BUT I have been looking into and thinking about selling Mary Kay!
Im talking to The Hubs and just need to get him to agree to it. haha
This way I can earn extra money and work around my already busy schedule.

So of course with my busy schedule I have had a little less Bloggy time than I had before...
and here I thought the kids going back to school would give me MORE time! haha
*sigh* Ahh well... 
So to make up for my absence I am working on a new series for the blog!
This once a week series called "Agape Love Blog-erviews"
Will be a series of interviews with many of your favorite bloggers and some newbies to the blogging world!

I already have a several bloggers lined up and am very excited about it!
But if you would like to be apart of this series, please just ask! 
You can email me at agapelovedesigns@yahoo.com for more info. :)
You dont have to be a BIG blogger, you can be brand new in fact!
I would love to interview and introduce you to the blogging world and help get your blog some exposure!
I am looking for bloggers with blogs of all sizes. SO big or small, new or old.. you are welcome to join in on the series! Again, I tell you, just ask or email me! :)

Look forward to the start of the series tomorrow, with my FIRST interview of Nicole from Miss Mommy.

Alrighty... also in other exciting news, I would like to show off my brand new niece Kaydence Kiah!
Yes she was named after my daughter Kiah.
She was born last night. 8lbs 3oz and 20 inches long!
She is my Sister Alea's first baby!
Isnt she precious!!!
I was with her, along with my mom and other sisters since 3 am yesterday Morning!
After 20 hours of labor in the hospital (she had been having contractions for 2 days before she went in) they finally decided to do a c-section. :(
But Alea did amazing! Prayers are definitely welcome for a speedy recovery!
I am so proud of my sister and her husband and my brand new niece Little KK.
I am beyond excited and honored that I get to do her newborn portraits!!
Cant wait to do them and show them off! So look forward to seeing those soon.

Then Next month my baby sister Samantha is also due, with her 3rd, and it will be another girl!
So you will be seeing her on the blog soon too. :)
Hooray for babies!

Anyways... that is the 411 on my life right now!
I do hope you are excited about the new series!!
I definitely am. :)
And again if you are interested please just shoot me an email!
I would love to have you.

Much Love & Hugs,

P.S. If you have any questions you would love answered by your favorite bloggers in an interview what would ask them? Im thinking of also including a "reader" question in the interview! :)
So ask away!!!!


  1. What a great idea for interviews. I can't wait to read them. :)

  2. Hi! I'm a follower, but don't usually post. I recently started to look for a way to make a little extra money and fell in love with Thirty-One. I think your positive attitude would work great with this company. And if you like purses, totes, etc. it's so much fun! If you want to chat about it just let me know!

  3. How fun! Love this idea! And your neice is soooo cute! I love that pic! ~April

  4. Extra income is always nice, I am sure a ton of your readers are going to do what I am doing but I have a side business that I work from home. I did Mary Kay for about 6 months but constantly having to move product just wasn't my thing. I am now a telecom and energy broker and it is going from being my plan b to becoming my plan a. By the way I LOVE your stuff :)


  5. Love this idea! And I wouldn't mind being interviewed. :)

  6. Very innovative idea. Really liked it.

  7. I just e-mailed you about an interview :)

  8. Looks great. Very nice!!!

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