Saturday, October 22, 2011

Costume Accessories... Can You Guess What Im Going As?

Tonight The Hubs and I are going to a costume party! 
Woohoo, adult time! Goodness, we need that.
I am pretty excited, with the busy schedule Ive been keeping lately
I have hardly had much time for blogging, crafting, emails,
alone time with The Hubs.. and really anything extra fun!
So I am excited to have some fun adult party time.

The Hubs and I didnt really want to spend extra money on costumes...
considering how expensive they are! 
And the fact that you really only wear them once...
Well at least only once a year!

So Im borrowing my sister's costume. :)
And its a really CUTE one!
With the very little spare time I had, I whipped up a couple accessories to add to the costume.
Here is a little peek:

While going through my supplies I found this octopus pendant. 
I clipped off the pendant loop, and filled it down a little so there wouldnt be any sharp edges.
Then I wire wrapped several glass pearls around it.
And glued it to a filigree ring base.
Its big and I love the way it looks!

Then I quickly made this hair clip...

Here is a quick look at how it looks in my hair.

Im sure you can guess what I am going to the party as!?
I will try to get some pics of me & The Hubs dressed up, and reveal them later. :)

Are you planning on dressing up for Halloween, or any fun costume parties?
What are you going as?
If not, what are your kids dressing up as? :)

Much Love & Hugs,

P.S. Did you hear about the sale in my shop!?

P.S.S. I got to do my NEW Niece Kaydence's newborn portraits this week! 
In case you missed it on facebook, I couldnt resist to share ONE early sneak peek:

Isnt she just precious!!!
If you are curious, I made the Headband & Tutu.
The headband is a mini version of Miss October!
I still have more to edit, but you can look forward to seeing the rest soon! :)


  1. Very pretty! Love the jewelry that you make! I also love the way you mention The Lord and not ashamed of it! You know how it is now a days! So I'm glad i found your blog! I love the love that you reflect for Jesus...awesome!!! Found you over at Ali.Lilly and am now your new follower :) I too started a blog recently...check it out!

  2. Love this! Hope you had a wonderful time!!! Will you be sharing photos of the completed costume?? :) We are dressing our daughter up as a monkey and I think I'm going to be some sort of circus performer!



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