Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Funny Outtakes Of The Gridley Kids' Photo Shoot!!!

I have mentioned the funny outtakes from my kids' new portraits, on my facebook. 
Going through them just made me laugh so hard!
Zander was the cause of most of these outtakes, that kid can be so stubborn, he knows what he is doing too! 
Goodness, he really made me and The Hubs work to get some good shots of all the kids together!
But he also made for some fun "blooper" shots!! Which I just HAD to share with you all.
Oh and in case any one is curious, aside from the cropping, and obviously adding the text, all of these photos are completely unedited SOOC photos. 

Funny Outtakes Of The Gridley Kids' Photo Shoot!!!

Zander knew I wanted him to smile, so he either purposely frowned looked down, or make a silly face instead.
The Little Stinker!!

Ok, so The Hubs and I thought it would be cute to get a kiss photo.
Yeah, NOT so much! This picture just screams AWKWARD!
hahaha Now, every time I look at it, I literally laugh out loud. 

One of Zander's wonderfully STUBBORN, "I refuse to smile or look at the camera" moments!

 I am not quite sure what Zander is doing in this one. But he looks like a little macho man wannabe. haha
 Zander, again, being difficult. I really was not funny at the time, I was definitely getting a little frustrated.
But looking at the pictures now, I cant help but smile, they are priceless.

OK, so this was a pose we attempted that was just about a complete FAIL! 
We wanted to get the boys standing on each side of Kiah with their hands in their pockets, looking all studly and cute.... yeah Zander had OTHER ideas in mind!! I had to animate these to share so many of them.

Zander, purposely looking away...

And I know this is totally inappropriate, but Zander looks like he is doing the "Captain Morgan" Pose.

Zander Faces!!

Purposely looking down, and away...

Oh gosh... this one cracks me up. Zander kept trying to get away.. and Kiah trying to "help" tried her best to hold him there while holding her composure so well! Zander's Face is hilarious. Brucey is a rock! haha

And this last one.. Zander "fixing" Kiah's hair.

Gracious, I got as much joy from these photos as I did from the "good" ones. :)
And I hope they gave you a laugh or at least a smile today too!

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. These definitely made me smile. I have a couple kids like Zander -- they make getting photos taken quite a chore! But just think how boring life would be without them. :)

  2. Your kids are ADORABLE. Serious.

  3. Love these! So beautiful! Sometimes the outtakes make the best photos :)

  4. You know what mama, call me crazy, BUT I totally LOVE most of these pics. I think they are WAYYYYY AWESOME, and even if you wanted to get a pic like this you couldn't. They are totally natural, and I would really consider framing a few, they are precious girl.

    * Pic #1 -2 adorable.
    * Pic #5 - probable my favorite, soooo cute.
    * Pic #8 - Love the look on EVERYONE's face!!
    * Last pic - Kiah is the princess and her brothers are doting on her, I'm telling you JUST ADORABLE.....

    Wow, I loved it girl. Your kids are stunning!!

    Love ya girl.

    Hugs, Bella :)


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