Monday, October 24, 2011

Singing Praises!! A Sneak Preview Of Our Family CD

My sister and I are getting our families together to create a CD to send out to friends & Family this Christmas.
No it isn't of Christmas songs, but our favorite uplifting, inspiring and just plain great songs from some of our favorite Christian artists!
The song will have 21 tracks, and here is a sneak preview, 
a few snippets, of the 8 songs we recorded yesterday!

Song list:
~Crystal Clear 
Sang by Mona Campbell (My sister)
Original Artist: Jaci Velasquez

~I Get On My Knees 
Sang by Myself & Mona
Original Artist: Jaci Velasquez

~Im With You 
Sang By Myself & Mona
Original Artists: Nicole Nordeman & Amy Grant

~The Way 
Sang by:Campbell Kids (Jasmin & Tyler), Gridley Kids (Kiah & Bruce), Myself & Mona
Original Artist: Jeremy Camp

~Somewhere In The Middle
Sang by: My Sister Mona & her son Tyler
Original Artist: Casting Crowns

~The Greatness Of Our God
Sang by: Mona & Her Husband Clayton
Original Artist: Natalie Grant

~As The Deer
Sang by: Mona & her oldest son Josh
Guitar played by: Josh Campbell
This song is a Hymn

~Your Great Name
Sang by Mona & Josh
Guitar Played by: Josh
Original Artist: Natalie Grant


The Hubs was feeling sick yesterday, so we couldnt do our songs.
He will be playing guitar and singing a few songs with me and on his own.
Songs like:
Long Black Train
Revelation Song
Better Than A Hallelujah
and several more!
I am excited to record those too!

But so far I think it has come along great.
Doesnt my sister have an AMAZING voice!?
I am so proud of our kids too. :)
There is nothing sweeter to my ears than hearing little voiced singing praises!
Even Zander & Bella sing along so sweetly!
Though they were not in the recordings.
Mona and I are trying to teach them Jesus Loves Me, so that they can have their own little track.

Anyways... so there is the preview, I am sure my sister will put together another preview video once we record the rest of the songs! And I will definitely share it here with you all too. :)
We are so excited to get this done and give them out to our friends and family.
We hope & pray this will be a blessing. That God will use it to touch hearts and lives... 
Especially to those that don't know or have a relationship with our Amazing God.

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. That's really cool! What a neat idea :) I'm sure it'll come out great!

  2. How precious is this??? I love it!! Your family and friends will love it too!!


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