Tuesday, October 25, 2011

What I Wore: Costume Party

Last weekend The Hubs and I went with some friends to a costume party!
I posted a sneak peek of my costume accessories... did any of you guess correctly!?

I went as a Pirate! :)
Pirate costume (including headband): 2009 Torrid Costume (borrowed from my sister!), Fishnet stockings: Torrid, Leggings: Walkmart, Boots: Yard Sale, Gold Necklace: Premiere,
Beads & Feather Hair Accessories: Handmade by me! :)

Here is a look at how I did my makeup.
I did my own version of a very dramatic smokey eye with a splash of red to go with my costume.
You can see how I did this with just red & cream shadows in this seeing red makeup tutorial.
The only thing I did different was added the black around the outer corners of my eyes and under my lower lashes all the way across AND used black eye liner to make it really dramatic.

Here is a closer look. I think I could have gotten away with a little more black for the pirate look.
But I decided to keep it pretty blended.

So basically I was like a little kid this day. 
I was totally excited to be going to a costume party and dressing up all fun!
I mean how often do you get to do that!?
So I had fun with it!
I took several pictures every step of the way to send and share with my sisters. :)
And to share with you all of course! haha ;)

So here is my hair in process... ( I got a hair cut recently btw.. did you notice? lol)
I pulled it half up to add little braids in at various places through out my hair. 
Pulled my bangs to the side and added the beaded feather clip I made...
Notice the skull? Yeah that wasnt in the sneak peek I posted.. I happened to find that bead last minute and had to add it! Perfect touch, right!?

To add the large head band, I left the front sections of my hair out, and pulled the rest of it up
and wrapped it around my head and tied it at the base of my neck.
Once I let it down, I clipped in the other longer feather clip I made and braided it into a larger messy braid.

I wasnt liking that extra hair in the way.. so pinned it back.. and voila!
I got the perfect "Jack Sparrow" inspired pirate look! Yay!
So I tried to look fierce for a Piratey picture... haha

All put together...

I totally love the awesome wire wrapped octopus ring, I made!
What do you think?

Time to go!
We carpooled with our good friends Christian & Kim!
Its pretty funny that both our husbands figured out costumes for themselves LAST minute!
No Joke.
Here I was creating my own accessories a week in advanced, and in the last few hours The Hubs decides... "Oh, maybe I will just wear my old ACU's and go as an Army Man!" lol
Christian dressed as a "nerd". haha They both looked great, though. 
Kim, was a cat obviously... and looked gorgeous- as she ALWAYS does! :)

We had a great time together at the party!
And I thought it would be fun to share a few blurry cell phone pictures....

I was being a total stinker... 
Kim & Christian were trying to get a cut couple shot.. So I ran in giving the peace sign. HA!

Christian... and me in the background.

The Hubs and Christian's Sister Tiffany.
(She was a pirate too! I totally wanted her hat!!)

Tiffany, Me, Kim

My Blue Steel is terrible! haha
But a "must pose" for party pictures! Right!? ;)
Goodness... Im so SHORT!!

I totally had fun dressing up for this costume party!!
Are you planning or going to any costume/Halloween parties?!
Or are you planning on dressing up at all for Halloween?

If so, what are you going as?
Hope you share your costume and/or party pics!!! :)

Much Love & Hugs,

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  1. You are the most beautiful pirate I've ever seen! You look so great! Can you come to my house every morning and do my makeup?? You do such a great job!!!


  2. Love your makeup! You looked great. The costume was awesome! You totally rocked the pirate!

    This year will be the first year I haven't dressed up. Just not feeling it!

  3. You are one super gorgeous pirate!! Love it!!

  4. LOL! I loved reading this. Yes, your Blue Steel does leave a bit to be desired, but you make up for it in beauty and cuteness!! I love the costume, from head to toe. Great job on the make-up, too! I always have wished I could do makeup like that.
    Happy Halloween!!

  5. YEOWZERZ...lady!! You look hot!!:) Costume dates are FUN!! Looks like you all had a good time! Way to stay young!!!


  6. I totally guessed right! (After a little help from you, of course.) You were one good lookin' pirate! Glad y'all had fun!

  7. I love your costume and by the way you are beautiful. Love the makeup and the skull feather thing. Awesome costume.


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