Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Beaded Earrings Tutorials

I am so excited, because I finally have a new tutorial to share with you!
AND because its for some really cute earrings, that I think you will love! :)

First you are going to start with one headpin, then start adding your seed beads.
You can chose any color, pattern or design - Really make them your own!
Add beads until you have almost reached the top, you will need to leave some space to create an eyelet.

Once all your beads have been added, take your round nose pliers (carefully, so you don't break any of the glass beads)
and bend the top of the headpin that's left showing. Then roll it to make an eyelet.

Continue filling up your headpins until you have the amount you want.
I decided 3 per earring would look nice, so I made 6.

Once they are all done, grab your jump ring, look the fish hook earring and your beaded headpins.
Close the loop, repeat for the next earring and you are done!

Now you have got a cute pair of earrings for yourself!
Simple and fun, only a little time consuming working with such small beads, but totally worth it!

Ive also got these up for grabs in my shop, if you would prefer not to invest in the supplies and time it takes to make your own!
You can buy these beaded earrings here.
Much Love & Hugs,

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