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Blog-erview With Emily of Insanity Rules!!

Its Wednesday and time again for another Blog-erview!!!
Lets welcome Emily from Insanity Rules to Agape Love Designs!!
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Hi y'all I'm Emily from Insanity Rules

I'm excited to be here guest posting on Agape Love. 
Absolutely adore Maria's blog so thanks for letting me answer a few questions!

Tell us a little about yourself and Your
blog (and shop if you have one)

I am the mom of three little boys who create about as much chaos 
and insanity as possible hence the name Insanity Rules. 

This is littleman, shortman, and Duke or the oldest as we call him.

They do of course bring tons of joy into my life and are often the topic of conversation on my blog. My blog is a little bit of everything. I of course love to craft but don't spend huge amounts of time doing so as the boys keep me pretty busy. So I share a lot of what goes on in my life like good books, my frustrations or traumatic moments like having my oldest son wander off, but mostly I try to keep things positive and share my love of a good recipe and family. I do have a etsy shop which I run with my sis and mom on behalf of my niece Shaye Lee. All profits go to paying our nieces medical expenses. We carry darling girl things, jewelry, and home decor items. Please feel free to stop by some time. It's a new adventure for us and it's for a great cause. If you'd like to read about Shaye Lee do so here

 How did you first get involved with blogging?

I would have to say it's all my moms fault that I first started blogging. She was here visiting me just after littleman was born and showed me this blog Little Tipsy that she liked to follow. I was hooked! I thought what a great way to get to know people and share some of the things that I love with others whom I might not other wise get to. I'm not sure that was ever my mothers intention but it's what got me started. Plus it's been a great way for me reach out and get to know people. I'm a stay at home mom and when you often listen to a baby all day this has given me a great way to express myself. Plus I get to see all these awesome craft projects that people do. Wow I'm always so impressed!

 How do you come up with material/content for
your blog each day, What inspires you?

Wow this is a rather loaded question. How do I do it well some days I'd have to say are easier then others. At first I just made a list of things that I know about and could talk about and from there I just really try to talk about things that are important to me or others as well as things that inspire me. Obviously my boys inspire me and so does my hubs who is so good to me and so supportive. There are lots of things that go on in my life with three little guys that makes for good reading I suppose plus my hubs is the oldest of 8 and when we get together it makes life interesting. There are a couple of days of the week where I try to stick to doing the same thing like Wednesdays I try to have guest posts and Fridays I usually do Friday Finds where I share what giveaways I've seen out in blog land. 

 What has been the most challenging moment in
being a blogger?

The most challenging probably has been content because lets face it there are days when I read my post and think really does anyone really care about that. Also it's hard when I don't really get a lot of comments. I have no idea if anyone is actually reading what I'm writing about. There is time too when I just feel blah like I have nothing to say. That's why I took about a weeks vacation in August to recharge my batteries and come up with some fresh and fun ideas for the blog. It works! I think taking a little blogger vacation helps a lot! Plus I do have a life outside of blogging and sometimes I think I let it take over a little much. So I have to sit back and play with my boys for awhile. It recharges my batteries like nothing else. Okay I know I'm totally sappy! 

 Everyone has a favorite/least favorite post.
Name yours and why?

Probably one of my favorite posts is one of the first because it tells you a lot about how silly we are around here. It's all about nicknames and the various ones my poor children live with. As for least favorite well I have quite a few filler posts that are just blah so I'm not sure I have one that I least like. They all kind of need some help!

 Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to
and why?

One of the ladies that I look up to is Lelanie from To Sew With Love she gave me my first guest post spot and has become a great friend even though she lives clear in Spain. She has a fabulous blog. Also Mindie from Bacon Time. We just click! Mindie is very down to earth  and someday I would love to meet her.
I also really love Ashley from Eisy Morgan she inspires me because she's so willing to share what's going on in her life. No skirting the subject just telling the truth and I really admire that. There are a ton of blogs that I totally love and look up to the woman that write them. I am amazed by the talent of so many!

 What goals do you have, if any, for your
blog/shop right now and in the future?

As of now the goals for the blog are pretty simple. To keep it going and try to get more tutorials up. I feel like sometimes I do a little to much talking. Of course I will continue to do fabulous giveaways did I tell you I totally love to give things away. I like to know that I can bring a little joy into someone else's life. 

As for our shop our goals are to keep selling and bringing you quality items! We want to raise as much money for my little niece as we possibly can. She will be having surgery at the beginning of the year. So we will be having some awesome holiday giveaways and discount codes. I hope that you all will check it out. She is very precious to us! 

 What Social Networks are you on for your blog?

Right now I only have a personal facebook account but am working on setting one up for the blog. 
So keep an eye out for that. As of right now I'm on 

 Is there anything you know now that you wish you
knew before you started blogging?

Oh my gosh where do I start. There are about a zillion things that I wish I new then and still wish I new. I would say use all networks that you can it's the best way to get the info out there. Don't be afraid to ask other bloggers for help! Seriously can't tell you how many times some other blogger has been able to help me out! From how to create a button to why something isn't working. Just ask away most people are super nice. Also don't be afraid to ask to join something like a giveaway or to share about your blog. 

What has been the best thing about blogging so
far, feel free to share any exciting triumphs or milestones you have had or reached! 

The best part of blogging so far has been getting to know people and of course hitting over 100 followers. Seriously I was so amazed that that many people even cared about what I said let alone wanted to read it on a daily basis. Totally made my day. I may still be a pretty small blog but having that many followers was a really big deal to me. So thanks!:)

 Is there anything else you would like to share
with my readers?

I should probably warn you I have a serious jewelry obsession! Yep My hubs is beginning to think that I may need a whole closet just for my jewelry. hahaha okay it's not that bad but it's getting there. Oh and I really dislike laundry which I will mention often as I have three boys who create so much laundry it's insane! Also I am always looking for guest posters so if your interested please feel free to contact me. 

Thank you so much for letting me stop by and share a little bit of myself and my blog with y'all. Okay I say y'all a lot too! Hey I live in Texas and if you spend enough time around my husbands extended family you would say y'all too. Have a great one and thank you!
Thank you so much Emily for being here today!
Much Love & Hugs,

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