Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dollar Tree Apothecary Jar DIY

While at the Dollar Tree or "D-Tree" as my sisters and I so fondly refer to it as, 
I saw a great class candy jar!
And instantly my mind went to the oh so popular "Dollar Tree Hurricane" that showed up 
on just about every blog (including mine) last year.

Well I am going to be bold here and predict that this years fantastic d-tree creation will be
The Apothecary Jar.

Alrighty...well here are the deets:
Dollar Tree Glass Candy Jar
Dollar Tree Gass Candle Stick Holder
(Which is less that $3.. but who doesnt already have this on hand already, right!?) 

Pretty self explanatory. haha
Add glue, let dry for about an hour or more just to be sure. :)

Then fill with candy, or I was thinking small ornaments would be cute too for Christmas decor!

So simple and cute!
Gotta love the D-Tree, right! :)

I will probably make a few more with various size candle stick holders for a fun look.
Much Love & Hugs,


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