Thursday, November 17, 2011

Newborn Portraits| Audrina Sneak Peek | Red Bluff Photography

I would like to introduce to you Audrina Faith!
Precious, isn't she?

Audrina did so well, she slept great and was even pretty good at posing for me!

However, she did pee AND even pooped on me! haha
Peeing has been pretty common with these kind of sessions... the poop was a first though!
 Hello Kitty Beanie: The Knotty Boutique

If you don't remember me mentioning it before, Audrina's theme is Hello Kitty.
So the hat was perfect!

The tutu was made by me! :)

These next pictures make me smile! 

Which was your favorite.
Much Love & Hugs,


  1. So adorable!! I have to pick one fav? Okay, I'll pick two haha

    I LOVE the one where her head is laying on her hands, as they are crossed under her chin :)

    And the wedding rings off the toes!! I might have to do that with mine hehe Great job!!

  2. Oh my CUTE!!!!!!! She is perfect! So lovely.
    Love the hat, too! You know how much I love HK!

  3. Hold the phone! You did a fantastic job on those photos! Mad skills. :0)

    Your guest post is going up tomorrow. Please forgive me for taking so long!! Love you!

  4. oh, she is precious. beautiful pictures!

  5. those are precious pictures, and a precious little one! She is adorable! Great job!


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