Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Singing Praises VIDEO!! A Sneak Preview Of Our Family CD PART TWO!!

My sister and I are getting our families together to create a CD to send out to friends & Family this Christmas.
No it isn't of Christmas songs, but our favorite uplifting, inspiring and just plain great songs from some of our favorite Christian artists!
The song will have 21 tracks, and here is the 2nd sneak preview, 
a few snippets, of the songs we recorded on Sunday!
For names of songs, who is singing them and the original artists.. see the list below the video! :)
If you wanna hear the first sneak peek find it { here}.

~ The B-I-B-L-E
Sang by Kiah, Bruce & Zander

~Come Home
Sang by (my sister) Mona & Jasmin (her daughter)
Original Artist: Luminate

~Your Great Name
Sang by Mona & Josh
Guitar Played by: Josh
Original Artist: Natalie Grant
~New Again
Sang by Me & The Hubs
Guitar Played by: The Hubs
Original Artist: Brad Paisley & Sarah Evans

~Take My Hand
Sang By: Me & The Hubs
Guitar played by: The Hubs
Original Artist: Shawn McDonald

~The Thief
Sang By: Josh (Mona's Son)
Guitar played by: Josh
Original Artist: Third Day

~Jesus Loves Me
Sang By: Bella & Mona

Sang by: Mona
Original Artist: Laura Story

~Jesus Loves Me
Sang by: Me & Zander

~Better Than A Hallelujah
Sang By: Me
Original Artist: Amy Grant

~Long Black Train
Singing & Guitar by: The Hubs
Original Artist: Josh turner

~The Man I Wanna Be
Singing & Guitar by: The Hubs
Original Artist: Chris Young

~Revelation Song
Singing by: Me & The Hubs
Guitar by: The Hubs
Original Artist: Philip Craig & Dean

~The Real Me
Singing by: Me
Original Artist: Natalie Grant

So there are only two more songs to record
one of which is supposed to be with all of our sisters singing! :)
That will be fun!
So what do you think of the songs so far?
The Hubs has an AMAZING voice doesnt he?
He doesnt think so... but I know he does! lol

Much Love & Hugs,

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  1. What a great gift idea. The preview sounds great. I love the little ones doing Jesus Loves Me. I love hearing little children's voices singing. :)


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