Thursday, December 22, 2011

Advertise On Agape Love In The New Year!

Are you interested in sponsoring Agape Love Designs??

Great, I'd LOVE to have you! :)

Right now as I write this blog post I have 710 GFC followers.
My blog has grown very steadily and has grown by over 600 followers in the last year!
Each day I average about 500-700 page views.
I have over 770 face book likes
104 twitter followers
and 180 followers on pinterest.
Also I use rafflecopter for all my giveaways
which makes it super easy and more appealing for people to join in! :)

After reviewing the options you can contact me  
PLEASE put SPONSOR in the Subject headline! :)

You can sponsor in any of these ways:

Pay for Options:

Large Ad
1 Month $20
2 Months $30
3 Months $40
Large Ad comes with:
~Facebook Welcome
~Individual Feature Post
Medium Ad
1 Month $15
2 Months $25
3 Months $30
Medium Ad Comes with
~Facebook Welcome
~Group Sponsor Welcome post

Small Ad
1 Month $5
2 Months $10
3 Months $15
Small Ad Comes with:
~Facebook Welcome
~Group Sponsor Welcome post

In post Banner: One week (5-7 post) $25
In Post Banner Comes With:
The in post banner will be located at the end of each post I make for one week, approx 5-7 posts. With a "This Post Sponsored By:" above it.

~This is a great option for those wanting to be seen by RSS feed readers!

~These ads will NEVER be any future/new readers who come across an old post will still see your ad long after your week is over. :)

*You may purchase more than one week at a time, but I will only allow every OTHER week for same sponsors. So if you purchase 2 weeks I will post your ad for one week, the next week will be a different sponsor, then your second week will start again after that.

If you are interested in some FREE ways to advertise see more info on my Sponsor Page!

If you are interested in advertising on my blog, please email me now to be included in the January Sponsors! :)
Sponsor prices and options will be changing soon.

Much Love & Hugs,

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