Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Hello Kitty Hair Bow Holder (Step By Step Painting)

After my Agape Love In Home Show I got a special order for one of my custom painted hair clip holders.
She asked if I could do Hello Kitty... here is how it turned out:

While making I thought it would be fun to snap pictures of my progress to share with everyone.
So after a lot of sketching, erasing, resizing and more sketching I finally came upon a good looking drawing of Hello Kitty!

Had to add several coats of white, to cover the wood grain and my pencil lines.
I didnt really worry about painting outside the lines since I knew I was going to be adding the black outline anyways.
I just wanted to make sure everything was covered.

Adding more colors.

After several coats of each color, and the outline:

I then added the name and some glitter to the bow.

Sometimes I use stencils or sticky foam letters to help me with writing the name.
But this time I thought it would look pretty if I just did it in my own handwriting.
Added a few random "shade" touches and a bow.. and it turned out pretty cute! 

Though I have been making hair bow holders for some time now, Ive never really offered them in my shop.
So Ive decided to finally offer custom name plaque's & hair clip holders in my shop when it will re-open in the new year! Yay.
BTW my shop is closing on the 10th until the new year, in case you hadn't heard! :)
Giving myself some "time off" for the Holidays!

Here it is after the ribbon has been added, 
along with a few of the custom hair clips she ordered from me! :)

Thanks for stopping by and "painting" with me! :)
Much Love & Hugs,


  1. That is super cute! Too bad I don't have girls! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    Just Another Day in Paradise

  2. This is super cute! I need to make something like this for our little lady :)


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