Saturday, December 3, 2011

Mystic Gem Makeup Tutorial

Ive always loved the Mystic Topaz Gem Stone.
Its so pretty and unique. I love how it changed colors as it glimmers in the light.
On Monday I decided on a whim, while doing my makeup that it would be fun
to try doing my makeup in mystic gem colors!
I wasn't sure how it would turn out... but I just had to try it.
At first thought you might not think purple and green would look good together for eye makeup...
But I think it turned out wonderfully.
I totally LOVE the look. SO today I decided to re-create the look and share the tutorial. :)

Eye Shadows that I used.
Mary Kay Mineral Eye Color in Sweet Plum, 
and "crease" & "Brow Bone" colors from:

Please excuse the bad quality of the tutorial photos.. took them with my cell phone.
The "After" pictures I took with my good camera. :)

Step One, fill lid up to crease with sweet plum.

Step two, using a small or angled brush add enchanted green in crease,
and outter corners of the eyes.

Step Three: Enchanted Green under lower lash line.

Step Four: Use the cream color labeled "Brow Bone" from enchanted forest shadow set to high light
the brow bone, pulling the brush downwards to blend colors. 
Then add to inner corner of the eyes.. blend in with sweet plum and under lower lashes.

This is how it should all look... then just add mascara!

Surprisingly Decent, right!? :)

What do you think?
If you try this look... send me some pics.. or post them on my facebook wall!
I would LOVE to see you rock it! :)

Much Love & Hugs,

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  1. GORGEOUS!!! I just got the big Avon case with all the eye shadows, so I am so trying this!

  2. Love this! Mystic Topaz was a big seller when I worked for Zales. Right next to blue topaz. Too bad I can't wear department store makeup, Maybelline especially. I'm big time allergic to their products. The woes of sensitive skin... I love it though. I may have to check my pallets for similar colors and try it.

  3. very very pretty! i love the colors. ill have to try this :) i don't do my make up as much as i used to anymore but you've inspired me. I'm sure people have said this before but ill say it anyway, you have really pretty eyes. God bless :)

  4. So beautiful! I love it and am totally going to have to try it. I'm sure it would make my green eyes really pop. Love the tutorial, too...I have never been very good at doing my eye makeup.

  5. SOOO BEAUTIFUL, Love makeup and I love done up eyes. You did a fab. job. winks, jen

  6. Gorgeous!I love it!
    Would you be interested in guest posting? i'd love to have you on my blog someday!

    Great job!

  7. So pretty! I actually found this tutorial yesterday, and just tried it out this morning. I love it! Thanks a bunch!


  8. awesome tutorial! thanks for linking up with me!
    xo dana

  9. Love the tutorial! Can you do my makeup! I'm awful at it! Gorgeous Gorgeous!


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