Friday, December 30, 2011

A Sneak Peek at my 2012 Line And Moo Business Cards

I am SO thrilled because my business cards that I got from are here!
Take a sneak peek... arent they wonderful!?!
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The great thing about Moo cards is that you can custom create your cards and 
choose many different designs for the BACK of your cards!
Check out all the different photos I used for my cards & get a sneak peek at some of the NEW items going in my shop for 2012:

I love that I could use my OWN designs!! :)
The card is very sturdy and pretty thick! They are PERFECT.

For the backs of the cards I did several showing off my headbands.

And some showing off my jewelry designs!
Which, btw, notice something new!?
YUP, Ive gotten into hand stamping metal designs, and I have been so excited to reveal that to you all! :)

There are so many more designs for me to share with you when my shop opens in a few days!
But I just HAD to share this sneak peek with you, since I just got my business cards and couldnt help but show them off. :)

Have you ever used Moo before to print your business cards!?
Ive only always made my own business cards and printed them at home on card stock.
But I just thought it was time to get some professionally made. :)

If you are thinking about getting your own business cards made, let me encourage you to use Moo!
They are wonderful!
If you decide to go with Moo use this link and you can get 10% off your order if it is your first time ordering with them!
Plus I can also earn credit for referring friends! :) So I would totally appreciate the help.

Much Love & Hugs,

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  1. I really like your Moo cards! I liked mine as well, and it wasn't hard to use their program to create them. I love that you did different photos!


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