Monday, December 31, 2012

NYE Makeup Inspiration - Makeup Monday

Hello Friends! And welcome to the first ever Makeup Monday Linky Party here on Agape Love!
Im SUPER excited to finally be hosting this link up, its been on my mind for a while!
I mentioned before, but will mention again - Ive asked my girl Andee to co-host with me.
So be sure to head on over to her blog and see what she has to share.
Don't forget to comment and then link up too!! 
Since this is the first one, please feel free to link up a few older posts if you have any!

So today I am sharing a look that I think would be perfect for New Years Eve. ♥
When ever I think of New Years, I ALWAYS think Gold.
Last year I tried Gold & Black, this year I decided on a more subtle Gold smokey eye, 
with a fun POP of color on the lower lash line.
I'll be sharing below the step by step on how to get this look, but first here is a list of the products I used:
They are listed in order of use. 
Check them out then follow the how-to below!
I have to say I really love this look, its very subtle yet still dramatic, fun and flirty.
The perfect combo for wearing on NYE!
Floral Hair Clips c/o Kai Rai Jewelry

Speaking of New Years Eve, who's got fun plans!?
Are throwing a party, going to a party?
Staying home? Kissing your hunny-bunny!?
Do share!
And then link up your fabulous beauty posts for all to see!!

Please be kind and visit/comment one or two (or more) other links.
This link up is for makeup/beauty related posts only!
This includes reviews, how-to's, hauls, giveaways, mani's, and look inspiration.
If you do not have a blog, but showcase beauty elsewhere like instagram or flicker,
you are still welcome to link up as well, please just link to a specific photo, though, not your whole account! :)

1. Link to a specific Blog Post, not your entire blog
If you do not have a blog, feel free to link to an instagram or flicker photo!
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*Not Mandatory but appreciated

Makeup Monday

Much Love & Hugs,
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Sunday, December 30, 2012

$50 Shabby Apple Giveaway

Whoa Momma! Happy Sunday sweet readers!
Today I am excited about TWO things.
First, tomorrow is Monday and the very FIRST ever Makeup Monday Link Up!!
I am SO excited about starting this new series/linky on the blog, 
I REALLY hope you will stop by and link up too!

Secondly, Im very excited about today's giveaway.
As a fan of many things vintage/retro, I just adore Shabby Apple style!
If you are like me, then you are in luck because one lucky lady will win a $50 Shabby Apple GC.
(Giveaway open to USA residents only)

If you are anxious and want to get your hands on something NOW, 
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You can enter this giveaway using the easy rafflecopter widget below!
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a Rafflecopter giveaway
Much Love & Hugs,
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Saturday, December 29, 2012

8 Years

Recently The Hubs and I celebrated out 8 year anniversary!
We planned a fun little 3 day getaway for ourselves, in Napa.
We stayed at a really great hotel, and even took a day at 6 flags!
It was a total blast. I took a few pics a long the way and figured I would share....

So this is the start of our trip, a Starbucks run since we were up so early, and then we were on our way.
BTW I got a non fat no whip salted caramel mocha. AMAZING!

The place we stayed was called the Vino Bello
(I'll be sharing more photos and doing a little review of our hotel in another post.)
We chose it because it had spa place we could go, Spa Terra, and underground cave spa!
We made reservations to get a couples massage together, a few hours before check in.
We got there an hour early so we could lounge around, and enjoy the facilities before out massages.
After our massages we got to enjoy a little cheese platter and some bubbly. ♥
After that we climbed up over the cave. Behind me you can see the hotel.
There was a table and statue up there.... As well as a vineyard.
View from over the Spa Cave.
This hotel was actually The Merritage, which the Vino Bello is apart of.
After our massages we checked in!
The room we got was a condo style room, so it was like a little home away from home.
There will be more photos of our room in another post! But this was the view from our private balcony.
Our bedroom. And in the fridge we got a complementary bottle of wine! (Yes it was free with the room!)
And just my luck, it was my favorite kind, Moscoto! Very yummy kind.
Took a few fun pics with The Hubs, in our sweet little living room for the weekend.
Yes he has a black eye, no I didnt give it to him, yes we were asked that! HAHA
He got it while helping his brother at wresting practice.
One of the other reasons we picked this hotel... A big jetted soaking tub! Love.
How I wish we had one of these in my own home!!
We excited explored our room/mini home for a while, took photos (more of which I will share in another post!) then decided to head out into town to do a little exploring! We grabbed some coffee to say warm and just walked around the streets, check out some shops and mostly just admired the town, and enjoyed each others company. It was nice. I just loved the old style buildings, it was beautiful, even at night.
While walking around our stomach's started growling at us, so we decided on a fun looking pizzaria, Azzuro, that we happened upon at the time. We both agreed we would try new things on this trip...
This place was different for us.
I got this chicken sausage pizza, it was delicious! Hubs got something else, not pizza, but a kind of pasta. It sounded good, but he wast that impressed. He is a lot more picky about food taste than I am. He likes A LOT of flavor. He thought his food was kind of bland.
After dinner we headed "home". I kept calling our hotel home, just because it looked like a small home. I decided it was our "vacation home" even if for only 3 days...  :) We of course decided to open the wine. Which was amazing. Now me, I am picky about my moscoto! Some are just not good to me, too strong. I like mine sweet. This moscoto was perfect.
I didn't take any photos of the second day, I just realized. But we just walked around the town, again, this time in the day time so we could see more and more shops we actually open! We bought some gifts for the kids and a little toy shop, looked through a few fun boutiques, and checked out some wine shops too. We ate dinner at a place called The Q. It was a BBQ place. Hubs again thought the food was bland. I thought it was good, but we both agreed Famous Daves is better! haha

The thirds day we pretty much just relaxed and enjoyed our little "home" before we had to check out. We both took extra time getting ready, packing and enjoying each others company. Once we checked out we decided to got to find the Statue that we saw over the hill behind the hotel. There was actually a nice little area around it for people to walk up to the statue, and I think there were pic-nick tables there too. I cant remember for sure.... Hubs and I were too busy taking ridiculous photos of each doing lewd things to the statue. More on that in a minute.

The view from where the statue is looking down to where our hotel is.
So when you walk up to the statue, the view you get it the butt of the statue. As you may or may not imagine, this view inspired some hilarious (to us at least...we could NOT stop laughing!) but a little raunchy photos "with" the statue! I debated on whether or not to post them.... And decided since I'd like to keep my blog family friendly, that I wouldn't post them on the blog. But if your curiosity is peaked now, and you are not one who offends easily you can view the photos here & here. :)

After we stopped laughing so hard, I decided we SHOULD get some nice, decent photos that I COULD post on my blog! haha so here we are, smiling pretty. ;)
Smiling, and then mean muggin'.

Its amazing how much fun you can have, acting totally ridiculous and slightly inappropriate. We felt like goofy carefree teenagers again. Which was nice. Around the time we started to leave the statue place we got hungry and found a quick place to eat. Because we were anxious to get on the road to 6 flags!!!!

6 flags in the winter time is great! Seriously... Aside from the cold, it was wonderful. There weren't many people there. So there were NO lines. We seriously rode every ride open within an hour or less. Walking to the different rides and stopping to check out shops here and there is what took the most time!
I was a little Superman obsessed that day.... Can you tell? Hubs even bought me a cool new superman sweater!! LOVE it. Super cozy. And the funny part was, I kept freaking him out when I had my hood up! HAHA
I saw this sign and thought it was the cutest ever! His name is QUILLSON! BAHAHA Like Wilson, but with quills. LOVED that! So cute, very clever. (yes at times I am easily amused!)
Not only did we get to ride all the rides, we got to see a few animal shows too! Hubs and I both love animals. So we definitely enjoyed this part. This was the tiger show, but we also got to see a dolphin show as well. We were farther back for that one, and since I only had my phone for a camera I couldn't get any good pictures of it. :( But it was amazing, trust me!
We ALSO got to get our photos taken with a real, yes, LIVE elephant! How cute is he!? He smelled pretty bad though. But it was neat being able to pet him and see him so close. How cute are we together?! ♥
Before we left, I told Hubs we HAD to get our caricatures done! Its sort of awkward sitting there while someone stares at you and you have no idea what he is drawing you like. But it was fun. I love how it turned out. So funny. I think he got Hubs spot on! ;) Me, I like, but think I look a little villainous! haha 
So, there you have it, our 8 year anniversary trip in a nut shell. I know I said this a billion times already, but I WILL be writing another blog post sharing photos from our hotel room. It was really beautiful, I decided it needed its own post. Especially since this one was so photo heavy already. I hope you all enjoyed a peek into our little trip though. ♥

Much Love & Hugs,
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