Tuesday, January 31, 2012

DIY Pearl & Lace Ruffled Necklace

I am excited today because I have a lovely JEWELRY tutorial to share with you!
Who doesnt like pearls and lace?
I LOVE them, and the combo is just the best!

These are the supplies you will need if you want to make one of these necklaces for yourself! 
(You will also need scissors)

1. Use the wire cutters to cut your wire about 10-11 inches long.
2. Take your needle nose pliers and wrap the wire around it a few times.
3. Take the (short part) excess wire and wrap it around the longer part of the wire,
right under the loops you made.
4. Now you have yourself a wire loop to work with.

5. Take your lace and bunch it a couple times.
6. Now take your wire and "thread" it through the bunched lace.
7. Thread your wire through one pearl
8. Repeat steps 5-6

Once you get the length you want, stop and snip off the excess lace.
Then follow steps 1-3 to create an ending loop.
You will most likely have extra wire, just clip it off with your wire cutters.

9. You will want to use your wire cutters to cut your chain. 
I cut mine to 13 in because the lace & pearls together measured 5 inches and I wanted the necklace to be about 18 inches long... you can make yours any length.
10. Attach a jump ring to one look and one end of your chain.
11. Close jump ring and to the same for the other side of the lace.
12. You now have a full loop necklace.

If you made your chain long you could use it as a pull over necklace and can skip this next step.
But if you prefer a shorter necklace you will need to do the following;
Find the middle of the chain on the necklace and cut it, 
then add a larger jump ring to one side and a small jump ring and lobster clasp to the other side.
And then you are all done!

I made four of these necklaces in different color combos!
White & Teal, Black & Pink:

Light Pink & Green, Red & White:

Here is an up close of the pink one. You can see the colors too well in my photo above.
But its such a pretty combo, dont you think?

I would LOVE to see how YOURS turn out if you make one & what color combos you would use!!
So feel free to share your take on these, either by email, blog post or leave a photo on my facebook wall! :)

Now of course if you would like to purchase one of MINE, that I have already made
Im selling them in the shop {here} for ONLY $12!! :)
A GREAT deal!
There is only ONE of each color combo in stock and I prob wont make any more.
So if you want one of mine, get it now! :)

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. This is crazy. So crazy!!!! I made one of these LAST NIGHT!! Yours look great! I love the color combos you chose!

  2. Oooh! These look fun & pretty without costing a lot in materials!

    I teach art so my jewelry and clothing always come out looking beat... I could wear this without feeling guilty!

    Thanks for sharing!


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