Thursday, January 12, 2012

FREE All You Need Is Love Printables

I love Valentine's Day decor! 
All the pretty pinks, reds, hearts, glitter and lovey dovey sayings.
Its just so lovely to me!
So YES, I am already decorating for V-day this year. ;)

Even more lovely are handmade cards some people make for V-day!
Like {this one} I found on pinterest.
I thought it was so cute I wanted to create something similar to include in my decor!
So I made a printable... because I am too lazy to cut & paste in real life.
I wanted it to look like it was handmade just like the pretty card.
So I made the font to look like it was written in pencil, I added the stitching and
made the contact paper to look like it has hearts "cut out" of it. ♥
I created one in pink and one in red cause I couldn't decided which I liked best. :)

Of course I'm sharing with my wonderful followers.
Please be sure to read the rules for using my printables at the bottom. :)

To download this printable:
~Right click on the image
~Click on Open link in new tab
~Click to bring to full size
~Right Click on image
~Click Save Image As
~Save it to your computer and print from home or costco/walmart/walgreens

PLEASE follow the following rules for Agape Love Design printables:
  • ALD prinatables are for PERSONAL USE only. You may not re-sell, re-distribute, or claim them as your own.
  • Please do not remove the watermark.
  • If posting on the internet, you MUST post a link back to this website.
  • Personalization, color changes, and other customizations are not available on freebie printables. They are offered “as-is”.
  • Purchase this Printable WITHOUT the watermark in my shop {here}

Frame is from Dollar Tree, I just spray painted it white!
I made a sequin heart and glued it to the frame for some added sparkle!
Little "love" vase I bought in the $1 section at Target last year (came in a set of 3).
Glittery Heart sticks were from Dollar Tree last year as well.
But I am sure they will have them again this year. :)

Are you decorating for V-day yet??

Much Love & Hugs,

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  1. What Cute Printables!
    I Really Love them and Pinned them.

    Thank you
    Enjoy Teaching English


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