Friday, January 6, 2012

Meet Lalanie of To Sew With Love

Hi there! I am Lelanie of To Sew With Love, the blog. 

I am a mom to two and a wife to one ^^) I am a Filipina married to a Spanish, currently residing in Mallorca, Balearic Islands, Spain.

My younger sister Laarnie is based in Japan, married to a blue-eyed Japanese national and a mom to one lovely, strong-willed, blue-eyed princess!

We are sisters and bestfriends, who despite being geographically separated (I am based in Spain while my sister is in Japan), share the same passion: sewing. We share our sewing adventures and (mis)adventures in this blog. We share a lot of tutorials and just recently, we have started sharing our tested recipes, too. 

We also love, support and promote handmade. We host a crafty link-up party every saturday. We share the featured linked-up projects not just in our blog but also in our Facebook page, Twitter and Pinterest!

You can visit us here:

We absolutely love being a part of Maria's awesome blog by being one of her sponsors!

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