Saturday, January 14, 2012

Oh So Naughty... Err... Uh... Knotty!

Today I woke up with a headache and a nose bleed! 
Really!? What a way to start off the day! 
It could have been a "bad day"... I could have been a total grump.
But I didn't want it to be a bad day!
 And I wasn't in the mood to be a grump.
I wanted to be in a good mood, so I decided I was going to be!
I decided it was going to be a happy day and even better...
I decided it was gonna be a FUN hat kinda day!! :)
 The Knotty Nani Boutique is a brand new shop and is run by a fun loving grandma, fondly referred to as "Nani".
Hence the name! :)
Me personally, I call her MOM! 
Yes this is my amazing Momma's shop and I am PROUD to show off her handy work!
 I LOVE my Panda hat
What's really cool about it, besides the totally adorbs factor, is that the flower is detachable. :)
Its on a clip so that I can wear it anywhere on the hat or change it out for a different clip and a different look!
{Purchase the Panda Hat Here}

 Here I am modeling the adult size Hello Kitty Hat.
Who doesn't like Hello Kitty!?
I'm 27 and I still think I can rock Hello Kitty pretty well... dont you!? 
*hehe* ^_~

So fun!
Oh, Yes, Its definitely a GOOD day. :)

What kind of day are YOU deciding to have!?

Visit Knotty Nani On Facebook and let her know I sent you! :)

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. you are so gorgeous! what kind of make up do you use? you're always glowing!

  2. So cute! I love that the panda has a bow!

  3. The Panda has a bow? Not a bad Idea tho hmmm my wheels are a-turnin! Love you Maria-Isabel Thank you so much for the awesome write-up & all your help with my new pages. I appreciate all the support you & the girls have given me. I have the best Daughters in the world!!!

  4. I don't know what is cuter: you or the hat!

    I hope you'll stop by and link-up with What I Wore Wednesday, too!


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