Saturday, January 7, 2012


Most of them were goals to do with my blog and few more personal goals.
Well, I decided to check out my list from last year and see what resolutions actually got resolved...
Its interesting how many of them I actually DID. 
I can actually say that I didn't bail out on my New Years Resolutions
And looking back, seeing everything I have accomplished on a list...
I am proud of myself.
PLUS, Im so much more PUMPED for this year. 
2012 will be AH-Mazing!!

So, anyways.. I'd like to share with you my resolutions from last year,
and let you know which ones were resolved!

#1 Work on all of my blogs, improve and organize them!

This one is RESOLVED! :) Ok but only party...
If you are new around these parts.. you might not have known this, but I have 3 blogs.
This blog, of course, then my Mommy Blog Mommy Made, & My sister Blog The 4 Way Stop.

Agape Love has really taken off. At the beginning of December 2010 I had just reached 100 followers. 
And Now I am just over 700. So I have gained 600 followers in one year! :)
I know that others have gained followers a lot quicker than that, but I am excited and proud of that amount 
and my blog, and the people who enjoy this blog! :) 
So Thank you all who follow along with me. :)
I've also done a pretty good job at organizing and improving this blog too.
I created a bloggy Schedule, (which actually needs to be updated! lol) 
I started a great series of Blog-erviews (interviews with other bloggers!)
I started taking sponsors and doing fun giveaways!
And my blog has undergone several makeovers to finally come to a look I love and believe others enjoy!

Mommy Made I am excited to say I finally go up and running in January of last year and is so close to 100 followers! :)
In my last new years resolution post I mentioned being inspired by Little Miss Momma's "Dear Baby W" posts, 
and Ive even written some of my own for my kids.
Ive posted at least 4-5 times each month on that blog.
So thats good, but this year I want to write more on that one! 

As for my Sister Blog The 4 Way Stop... well I've only written 3 posts on there in 2011!
And I am not sure if I can even keep it up. I want to, I always think of things I would like to post.
But it always gets pushed aside because Agape Love is number 1 in the blogging order for me.
So along with this blog, Mommy Made, Running my shop, being a wife & mommy...
I haven't had time for a 3rd blog. :( It makes me sad. Because I really do want to share more on it.
Maybe... in time. 
But Im not going to push it because I love this blog (agape love) and where it is going,
and I would rather focus more on it anyways. :)

#2 List 100 things in my Etsy Shop!
I am thrilled about my etsy shop and how well it did last year!
Right now I have 115 listings and had 97 sales last year!!! :)
I know this year will be even better, Im now selling headbands for Newborns to Adults.
My Birds Nest Necklaces have been a major hit and blessing to me & others. 
And I am now offering custom hand stamped pretties!! 
You can also find Printables & Invites in my shop as well as Hair Clips, Custom painted Hair Clip Holders and Lots other pretty Jewelry!! :) 

 #3 Organize my Craft Room/ Studio
You can see my craft room transformations Here:

#4 Work on my Drawings and Paintings!
hmm... Im not sure if I can call this one resolved...
I have painted this year, but not as much as I was wanting when I made the resolution last year.
But I have done several custom painted hair bow holders.
And I even painted my sister's belly for her Maternity photo shoot! :)
That can count right!? :)

#5 Learn how to Sew
I am so excited that I actually learned something new this year! :)
You can see my post on learning to sew this hat {here}.

OK so now we move on to the more personal resolutions:

#6 Be More Patient

Ok so this one will always be a work in progress, I am constantly growing and God is always working on me. But I do think that in 2011 I was a lot more patient. Of course every once in a while The "Mommy Monster" did rear her ugly head... I am not perfect. But I know that I have been pretty patient. And will continue to work on my patience to be a better example for my kids!

#7 Think Before speaking
Again this too is a work in progress, but I do think that I have done a lot better at this that in previous years. 
And its has definitely been for the best. I will continue to work on this, this year!

#8 Spend more time in God's Word, the Bible
This one has been up and down through out the year.
But I started going to a womens bible study a few months back.
I LOVE it, we are studying The Power of a Womans Words.
Oh its is SO good so far!
And doing that has really gotten me into the word a lot!
I'm learning so much, and I'm loving the connection between the other ladies.

#9 Lose Control
Ok, so you have heard me say it before.. I am a CONTROL freak!
I resolved to let go of control in 2011.
I like doing everything myself.. and I still do... 
but I can proudly say that I have "lost" control in 2011!!
You can read about that in this post {here}!

#10 Lose Weight
Oh the classic "lose weight" resolution.
So cliche, often disregarded.
And though I didnt totally shape up like I "planned" I did lose and keep off 10lbs in 2011.
10 lbs in a year... Im officially a failure face at this one!! haha
But the good news is that The Hubs got us gym memberships now!
And Im not going to make make another resolution this year to lost weight... 
but I am still going to try my best!

Did you make any resolutions last year!?
How many of yours got resolved??
Are you making any NEW resolutions this year?
Im still thinking about my resolutions for this year. :)

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. Love all of this post! I love setting goals and then in time reaching them :) This has inspired me to write out all of my new years resolutions and goals! Way to go momma! :)

  2. That is awesome! I have some similar goals for this year. You accomplishing yours is an encouragement to me! And, losing and keeping off even 2lbs would be amazing, so don't say you failed in that area! The way I see it, you're amazing and 2012 will be a great year!

  3. Really great post :) I've seen many resolution lists, but this must be first of a kind; someone has achieved some of her last years'!^^ So nice.:>

    Lovely blog!^^ i <3 creative people.

    Greetings from Finland,

    xx Satu
    Indie by Heart


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