Tuesday, February 21, 2012

22 Things About Me And GIVEAWAY info.

So I got tagged in a game to share 11 random things about myself and answer 11 questions!
But I was tagged TWICE, so I am going to go ahead and just answer the 11 questions from each blogger rather than share 44 things!! haha 
I was tagged by To Sew With Love

First I will answer the questions from TSWL

1 - What's your favorite way of spending your weekend?
 I love spending my weekend hanging out with my family.
Usually Sundays we go to church and visit with my sisters and I love that!

2 - Coffee or tea and why?
I drink both coffee & tea. But I am picky I like my coffee real sweet with vanilla creamer and I even add a scoop or two of hot chocolate! As for tea, I have a certain vanilla flavor that I love to drink!
3 - Facebook or Twitter and why?
Facebook. For me facebook is just so easy to interact on.
I understand it, and I still don't understand twitter just yet... But I try to get on it everyday and interact somehow.
4 - Is there anything pink within 10 feet of you?
Haha, I am WEARING pink pajama bottoms with white hearts on them!
5 - Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it?
I let my husband do it, mostly... LOL But I do wash it with him on occasion, and clean the inside myself.
6 - Where were you and what were you doing last week at this time?
I was probably cleaning, or checking email, or working on orders. I cant remember!
7 - Your dream vacation is? 
Hmm... I am not sure. I have always wanted to travel to Italy! I really want to go to Rome. I love the history of it and the gladiators! haha I would LOVE to go there one day, just me & the hubs!
8 - What is your favorite cologne or perfume?
I dont really wear purfume, most are too strong for me and give me headaches when I wear them. But I wear a body spray called Vanilla Fantasy. Can you tell Vanilla is my favorite scent/flavor!?

9 - When drinking your soda, straight out of the can/bottle or in a glass with straw?
I don't drink soda... the bubble hurt my throat!
If I do happen to drink it for any reason, it must be from a straw where I can squeeze it and pop the bubbles before they go in my mouth. YES I know I am a weird one!

10 - What is your favorite family tradition?
Hmmm... I don't think we have any family traditions really.

11 - Muffin or cupcake and why?
Muffins!! Cupcakes are good.. but kind "eh" to me.
I prefer muffins! My favorite are those strawberry cheese muffins you usually find at a gas station.

 Questions from Emily of Insanity Rules:

1. What's your fondest high school memory?
 Sitting next to The Hubs in the 4 classes we had together, talking and goofing off together!

2. What's your favorite color?
Green... and Pink 

3. What do you pack in your kids lunch for school?
They usually get hot lunch. But when I make them cold lunch, I usually pack
a PB&J, Grapes or an apple, Chips or Fishies, Capri Sun, and fruit snacks or cookies. 

4. What's the most romantic thing your husband has ever done for you?
 Oh gosh... Its been a while. HAHA I guess my fav romantic thing he has done was when he was deployed to iraq. In his down time he wanted to buy something for me for our anniversary. He bought us matching red silk pajama shorts.
Mine said "Bruce's Scunny". His said "Maria's Scunny"
He had them shipped to me as a surprise. It was so cute. And I loved it because of how personal they were. Scunny is a silly name we made up for each other when we were being silly one day and saying everything with an s or sc in front of it.
So when saying "hunny" we each said Scunny instead and it just kind of stuck.

5. Water or Milk and why?
Ew I hate milk, gross. LOL I prefer water. Water is my drink of choice ALWAYS!
6. What's the craziest name you've ever considered naming your child and why?
Well I like unique names. Being "Maria Gonzales" most my life I HATED having such a common name. There was another girl in my high school named Maria Gonzales and one time we got mixed up and I got sent to the principals office for something the other Maria did! Ugh.
Anyways.. so the names we did choose for our kids may seem weird to some people weird to others. But my Daughter's name is Kiah, and my youngest son's name is Zander.
I love that they are unique names. But I almost wanted to name Kiah "Pollyvon" or "Pistal" dont ask me why, I just liked them. LOL When I head Kiah though I LOVED the name and decided that would be the name whether I had a boy or girl!  And I had wanted to name Zander "Talon" but everyone including The Hubs thought it was crazy... so it was a no go. :( 
7. What's your favorite sports team and why?
I'm not really into sports. I find them boring watch, a lot more fun to play.
But if I had to pick a team of course it would be the SF 49ers! Cause its The Hubs team and he is into anything 49ers. :) Which makes gifts for him fun and easy!
8. What's your least favorite household chore?
Laundry! Its never ending!!
9. What's your favorite accessory?
 Headbands & Hair Clips

10. Sandwich or bagel?
Mmm... Bagel!! 
With Cream cheese & Peanut Butter!

11. Why do you blog?
Because I enjoy writing, and creating and sharing my passions with others who are like me.
Its my creative outlet. The Hubs is so not into what I am into and is bored by it.
And I worry I will bore my sisters/friends with all that I do.
So I blog to share it, to inspire and be inspired! :)

Ok well those are all my Answers!!
I hope you enjoyed learning a little more about me!
Leave your answers to these questions in the comment section. :)
I'd LOVE to learn a little more about YOU!
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Much Love & Hugs,



  1. You are so cute scunny,,, he he. I know that sounded weird, coming from me, but I couldn't resist, ha ha. You are adorable mama.

    Oh and Pollyvon,,, hmmmm, I just dont' get that one, but I could totally see Pistol, and I LOVE Talon.

    I want to know what kind of HOT meals you pack for your kiddos, and how do you keep them hot? Do tell girl :)

    Love ya bunches,,, you know I do. I would SOOOO enter your crafty contest, shoot, if only I had the time to do it. Let me try,,, :)

    Oh and CAN I JUST SAY,,, CONGRATULATION on the HUGE growth of your blog, I can't believe I am friends with the next TOP BLOGGER,,, you ROCK mama, and I am sooooo flippin happy for you.

    Ok, thats all for now, just wanted to show you some lovin, because I have missed you tons.

    Hugs, Bella :)
    Bella Before and After
    Euro Style Cakes.

    1. Hehe Bella you are so funny! By Hot lunch I meant, they eat a school lunch. They call it a "hot lunch".
      And thank you so much.. ugh I dont feel big time, I feel like a dork! haha Ive missed you tons!

    2. He he, I was really hoping you would give me some awesome HOT lunch recipes girl, lol. My kids eat a HOT lunch every day,,,, I just haven't figured out a way to pack awesome lunches yet,,, and who the heck wants to eat a PB jelly sandwich in the middle of winter, yikes....

      Oh and I was wondering how the reply thing worked on the blog. I just realized it the other day.... and wondered if you reply to a comment, does that person see your reply, like when you reply by email. Now I know the answer! I did not know you replied to my comment, only because I came back to check I saw it.

      I don't know if I like this was of replying to comments or not. On one hand it's cool, I like reading what you reply to others, lol, BUT if the person you reply too never sees it, then that sucks...

      What do you think mama??

      Hugs, Bella :)
      Bella Before and After
      Euro Style Cakes.

  2. Haha, I love your kid's names! I love unique names and only got away with one unique name... which I think you know is Kassadie's name. B just got board with name picking, I swear! So, I have a B. Jr. However, no other name would fit quite as well ;D

    1. Thanks Brooke Anna! yeah we have a B jr too. It was the first son...soo he gets away with having a more "boring" or typical name! LOL

  3. Awww sweet..I am so happy your hubby made it back from Iraq :).

    1. Thanks so much! He went through two different year long deployments. No fun! Very scary. And it is amazing to have him home safe!

  4. hi, I've started reading your blog recently and I love it! I'm planning on making the mama nest necklace soon, it's so amazing of you to show how you make them.

    I know you're not Catholic, but a strong Christian and I feel like you'd want to know Nestle isn't really a company you should support, I myself just found out last week and cut them out of our shopping list. Here's a blogpost with links to these gross companies practices:


    the actual site is:


    Just thought you might wanna know!

    1. Oh my goodness! Grace, THANK YOU for letting me know about this! I will no longer be buying from them and supporting what they do. WOW I am shocked. That is so sick and so wrong.


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