Monday, February 6, 2012

Agape Love Tutorial Challenge CONTEST

If you're a fan of my facebook page, you may remember me mention I was thinking about doing a special contest.
 Well I was thrilled that I had SUCH a great response of interest!
So finally here it is: The Agape Love Tutorial Challenge!
Here is the main point of this Contest:
For this contest you must try one of MY tutorials, and post about it on your blog
linking to my original tutorial & adding the contest button.
After a week I will post a linky party for you to link up your finished crafts for the contest!
I will have a couple judges pick whose they liked the best, winner will win a $50 shop credit

Curious about who the Judges are??
*In my best Sales Pitch Voice*
BUT, That's NOT ALL!!
The always GENEROUS, Nichelle, has offered a BONUS prize, that will be chosen by VOTES.
Each post that is linked up will have a VOTE icon with it.
The post that gets the MOST votes will win a shop credit from Vintage Wanna Bee!

Did I catch your interest?
Great! If you want to participate, here are the official rules:

0.) Must Be a Public Follower of this Blog Agape Love Designs, Vintage Wanna Bee & CraftOManiac to enter this contest!

1.) Search through my tutorials and find one (or more) that you would like to do.
(Click the button to go to my tutorials)
Agape Love Designs Tutorials
Or if you are more visual find all of the tutorials I have done on this Pinterest board:

2.) You have a week to try one of my tutorials and post about how it turned out on your blog.
Please only post about the finished project, not a new tutorial. 
If you made any changes or put your own twist on it, you can of course share what you did different.

3.) You must link to my ORIGINAL tutorial post, as well as leave the contest button in the post somewhere.
That way others who see your post can get involved!
Agape Love Tutorial Contest

4.) When the linky party goes up next Monday, link up your post(s).
***UPDATE*** The Linky is LIVE! Link up your posts HERE.

5.) Spread the word!! 
Share a link to this contest post on your facebook page, twitter, blog, ANYWHERE you want.
Get the word out. 
Then next week share the contest LINK up post!! Encourage others to stop by & check it out and VOTE for YOU!

Have a question?
Check out the FAQ:

Q. Can I do more than one tutorial?
A. Yes, the more you do, the better your chances on winning are!
  BUT they MUST each be in separate posts, and follow ALL the rules stated above.

Q. Can I link up an OLD post, If I have already done one of your tutorials and posted about it?
A.Yes you can, but you must edit it to include a link to my original tutorial & the contest button!

Q. Can ANYONE vote?
A. Yes, anyone can vote.. you wont have to do anything special to be able to vote.
So encourage everyone you know to come check it out and vote!!

Q. Will I be able to vote for my own post?
A. It will be set up so that you will not be able to vote for your own post...
so the vote must come from a DIFFERNT IP address than your own!

If you have any other questions feel free to ask in the comment section or email me at!
Alright, that is ALL. Go now, CREATE & Have FUN!! :)

Much Love & Hugs,

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