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Blog-erview With Jennifer of Heavenly Blossoms

Its Wednesday and time again for another Blog-erview!!!
Lets welcome Jennifer from Heavenly Blossoms to Agape Love Designs!!

If you are new here, find out about the Blog-erview Series, as well as a list of previous blog-erviews {here}!

Tell us a little about yourself and Your blog (and shop if you have one)?

Hi!!!  My name is Jennifer Olland, and I'm the silly girl behind Heavenly Blossoms, it's where I share my highlights and lowlights. The place where I write when I have no one else to talk to, where I enjoy sharing with a community with similar interests, trials and tribulations.  A place where I share my life experiences with others just like me, or even a place to bring some cheer just because. I am also just starting to branch out with a little shop of my own, of the same name. 

How did you first get involved with blogging?
Well it was a really late night with my little one, she was about two months old.  She had just fallen asleep and even though she was there and even though I was saturated with this new everlasting love for her, I felt REALLY REALLY ALONE.  I had no one to talk to (babies aren't much conversationalists).   She was a colicky baby, and the nursing experience was really rough for the both of us.  I was a frustrated, guilt ridden new mommy, and had not a person (especially at that time of night that I felt comfortable with ) to talk to about it. I began looking at all the websites,, I stumbled on to a mommy blog. I wish I could remember which one it was, but I identified with this person completely, and it was such a new phenomenon to me that this person I never met, and probably will never meet, touched my heart in such a way where I thought I was in a conversation with a true friend. That was when I realized, there was more to blogland, because, it helped me in a time when I was feeling low, as I am sure that it was a release for the wonderful person who wrote the post.  SO I decided to try it for myself, and my first post was a short one, written on a broken Blackberry!

Has blogging played a role in the start of or development of your shop? If so, how? If not, tell us how your shop came about?
Well the blog and the shop started out in complete separation.  I was home from the Army, and unemployed, to me the greatest blessing since I had 24/7 time with my girl, knowing that many mothers do not get the privilege to have. As she started following a set schedule, I had more time to myself. Being a former Girl Scout, plus a love of working with my hands, I started cooking more homemade, started sewing things, started up crocheting again. As  that evolved I started making baby gifts for friends of mine who were new mothers which included boppy covers, booties, blankets, and mini quilts for my daughter.  I had so many positive comments from them and others. They are the ones I owe for encouraging me to make a business of it. I branched off to accessories; accessories for all women, even new mommies like me to have a chance to feel pretty even in sweatpants, to feel better on tough mommy days. :)

I feel PRETTY!
 (Heavenly Blossoms Flower in my hair and a beautiful bib necklace by Made by Munchies Mama)

How do you come up with material/content for your blog each day, What inspires you?
The way I come up with blog posts at the moment, I consider a curse and a blessing.  I don't have a set method. One day I know I will. But at this time, I like it to come as the inspiration the feeling to share overcomes me. Recently I have had some amazing things happen. My shop is reaching more people and through that my blog has been getting more attention. So I would definitely like to keep up with it on a more scheduled basis. I want to be able to give readers a part of me that could either help, or cheer up -  something to identify with. As far as inspirations go, #1 goes to my little sweetie....her antics cute and not so cute,  followed by my nights out and whatever else strikes! Other times is about something I want to spread the word about, whether running in a 5k to support the Special Olympics or as I hope to in the future, support all my friends I have met along the way with their ventures in creativity, blogland and the like!

What has been the most challenging moment in being a blogger?
The moment RIGHT before I start writing a post.My self esteem gets the best of me. I get these instant writer's blocks.  I lose my train of thought and I get flooded with thoughts of, "Man that sounds awful" or, "Yeah, no one's gonna ever finish reading this." And to be honest it gets nearly impossible to continue, and I start thinking, "There are bloggers out there who are so much better than I AM, why compete". What gets me out of this little funk is ITS NO COMPETITION, my life and who I am are completely unique as the next blogger's. And the only person that truly matters is me.  Sure, my main reason is to share. But in the end, its my story, its my life journal that is being recorded and yes I might be boring, yes my grammar is bad, but the core reason for these blogs are to record my joys my sorrows, my highs and my lows, to be true to myself to learn from my life lessons.  The beautiful by-product of that is that you get the real me,  no filter, and hopefully it will be a pay-it-forward when a frustrated end-of-her-wits mommy, is searching for help in the middle of the night...and winds up on my site and finds some sort of comfort.

Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?
Well I wouldn't be here as a blogger at all if it weren't for many of the blogs that I follow, Eisy Morgan , I Am Momma Hear Me Roar  . The one blogger that I owe a lot to is Ashley of Little Miss Momma, she has such a great grasp on her emotions and the daily of being a mommy. And her writing is spectacular, it really reaches in to your heart and you will feel the little tug for a tear, or even a chuckle! :) The best thing about her is that she is pretty darn genuine and her talents mixed with those qualities is why she has truly earned her success!

If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?
DO it to the best of your ability, what makes you happy, do it with a passion, and don't filter yourself for others. It may seem like a popularity contest, it may be tempting to go out and get followers upon followers but take it from me, I have 30 compared to many who have hundreds!!! But I wouldn't trade those thirty for a thousand followers because in them, I have friends, family, and people who read because they truly care. (Thanks Mom!)

What Social Networks are you on?
Some say I can't stay away from these sites!! So you can find me here!

Facebook ----- Twitter ----- Pinterest ----Bloglovin' ----- Blog

What networking do you do, that you feel helps your blog and/or shop the most?
I'm all over the place, but the one thing that brings in the majority of newest followers are Linky Parties held by other blogs! The most successful thus far has been your Facebook Follow Fest, Maria (Agape Love)!! My Facebook page had over 100 new followers in that week!

What goals do you have, if any, for your blog/shop right now and in the future?
I plan on writing more about my experiences as a Mommy of a beautiful and genius little 2 year old, and my experiences as a soldier in the Army.....I also hope to write and share the feelings straight out of my heart when the military life blends with my mommy life.

 What has been the best thing about blogging so far?
Its a great release, its a wonderful forum for like minded mommas to connect and get to know each other, when without this technology we would never get to know each other! I have been privileged with the opportunity of "meeting" so many great and talented people.

Is there anything else you would like to share with my readers?
Absolutely.  And it has to do with something I JUST experienced. No matter WHAT you write about, or what YOU DO....remember its always right if you love it and it makes you happy (within the law of course :P) But what I am wanting to say is, if you have a shop or a budding blog, and you see yourself being successful at it, DONT STOP, everyone has the potential to become great. Don't let anyone tell you "ITS JUST A HOBBY" because for many of the successful bloggers I know its more than that. For them its what puts food on the table and clothes on their backs it what fulfills them emotionally and sometimes even spiritually on a daily basis.  And you are WORTH IT...your work and talent is priceless...don't EVER let the harsh judgment of others bring you down, and don't ever let it demotivate you! 


There is a wonderful community here in blogland and you will find those who will support you, root you on no matter the number of followers or the popularity of your blog. Those are the people that are to be invested in, to pay it forward to. Its lovelies like Maria, I have to thank for SUCH AN AMAZING opportunity. All of you; her readers who've seen me before, thanks for really getting to know me :), and if you didn't know me before,..... 

HI how are you? Lets get connected!


Thank you so much Jenny!!
It was so great getting to know more about you, and I am THRILLED to find out how successful my FB Fest was for you!! 
That is SO awesome!

To all my followers, lets be sure to stop by Jennifers blog and say hello!

Much Love & Hugs,
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