Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Blog-erview With Remy of Cinnamon Bubbles

Its Wednesday and time again for another Blog-erview!!!
Lets welcome Remy from Cinnamon Bubbles to Agape Love Designs!!

If you are new here, find out about the Blog-erview Series, as well as a list of previous blog-erviews {here}!

~ Tell us a little about yourself and Your blog
Hi, lovelies! My name is Remy, I'm 23 and I live in New Jersey. I'm happy to be here! I hope this mini interview helps you learn a bit more about me and my little blog. I'm really, really horrible at introductions to the point where when I was doing an 'About Me' page for my blog, it took me a week just to jot down that short blurb. I'm the girl behind Cinnamon Bubbles.

~ How did you first get involved with blogging?
I started my blog because I needed a place to put all my feelings. When I first started out it was on LiveJournal, because that was the 'hype' back in high school. I created one and I kept all the entries under a 'friends lock'. When people asked if I could be their 'friend' on LiveJournal, I made a second LJ, which I never updated but added them to it anyway. When I'd be asked why I never update, I'd just say I have no time to do so. In that space I put all the things that I couldn't say to someone verbally. It was a very dark, dreary place, but it was therapeutic, it kept me sane. I kept that journal from 2002 until 2008. I've deleted it, as a 'closure' of that chapter of my life. If I'd showed it someone today, I'd probably be under physiciatric eval. I do admit to being depressed and suffer from anxiety, but rather than be hopped up on pills, blogging and talking to my girlfriend are my 'happy pills'.
In March 2008, Cinnamon Bubbles was born from an inside joke between a friend, but it did not have that name until much later. This was the more happier chapter in my life. I hope it continues to propel forward. I would not want to go back to that dark dreary place. It scared me. I scared myself, and when you start scaring yourself due to your behaviours, you probably need help.

~ How do you come up with material/content for your blog each day, What inspires you?
I read others' blogs, or I'll be in the shower and it'll just hit me like a tonne of bricks, "YEAH, I NEED TO WRITE ABOUT THAT." As soon as inspiration hits though, I HAVE to write it down, otherwise it'll be gone forever and then I'd be up a creek without a paddle blog post.

~ What has been the most challenging moment in being a blogger?
I think in the beginning, when you're trying to get noticed. You start out being 'just another blog' but once people start discovering your own unique qualities on your blog, it gets easier!

~ What Social Networks are you on?
I'm on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Twenty-Something Bloggers, BlogHer, and DeviantART, despite the fact that I'm not an artist.

~ What networking do you do, that you feel helps your blog and/or shop the most?
I join up with linky parties and bloghops, and post my URL in every darn appropriate place I can find!

~ What has been the best thing about blogging so far, feel free to share any exciting triumphs or milestones you have had or reached! :)
I just hit 100 fans on Facebook and I am totally going to celebrate it soon!! I think the best thing about blogging so far is meeting all the awesome people along the way, and just having a space to get your feelings out!

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