Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Engagement Portraits| Leland & Jenn Sneak Peek | Red Bluff Photography

Hello all!
Today I am thrilled to share with you Leland & Jennifer's engagement portraits!
These were taken at the Ide Adobe Park, in Red Bluff.
 Aren't they such a good looking couple!?
 We had a lot of fun with this photo shoot.
 It was SO hard for me to narrow down which pictures to post here...
Which is why there are a lot more than I usually post. ;)
 I will be doing their wedding portraits also, I'm pretty excited about that!
 Such a sweet couple.♥
 I really love these next four...
 Congratulations, Leland & Jenn!

I hope you all enjoyed these! ♥
Do you have a favorite?

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. I like the fourth from the last, where they are both looking at something. It looks very natural. Congrats to the couple!


  2. Love these! Girl you do a fabulous job!

  3. These photos are amazing! Wow! I wish you could come out and do some family portraits for us! My favorites are black and white holding "&" with him looking at her, kissing shadow on building, kissing with sun, funny moment captured in leaves, and the last sitting on fence both looking at camera. Really I liked them all but these were my stand outs. I loved the ones looking down at he couple too, did you climb a tree??

  4. These are gorgeous! Great job! Love the &...the shadow one especially!

  5. Pretty! The first "&" one is my favorite, I've seen a lot of pics with that prop but none as cute as that one (I also have a weird thing for feet/leg photos though, haha).


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