Friday, March 16, 2012

Senior Portraits| William Sneak Peek | Red Bluff Photography

Meet William.
A motorcycle riding, sandwhich shop sign flippin' senior boy, who I had the pleasure of shooting last week!
Aside from the day being unbelievable sunny and messing with a few of my shots, I had a lot of fun with this session!
It was my first Senior BOY session, which was exciting enough, PLUS I had his totally cool motorcycle as a prop. ♥
After editing his photos, I had a hard time choosing my favs to share here.
So there are a lot! It seems Ive been having that problem lately when sharing "sneak peeks"!
Don't these next two have a very James Dean feel to them?
I thought so...

Next up... an outfit change...
I LOVE this next one in black and white, he's got great eyes doesn't he?
We had to have some help from Mom, to get some REAL smiles on this boy! ;)
That was so great, she totally made ME smile.
But I he has a great "serious" look too.
Another great smile...
♥ These ones up in a tree... his idea, they turned out great.

I wish I could share more! HA!
But I had to limit myself.... What do you think??

Much Love & Hugs,
 P.S. Here is a fun little fact, I did Maternity Portraits for William's Sister about 2 years ago!
You can check out the sneak peek to those photos {here}!

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  1. SUPER cool photo shoot!The Pictures are great!

  2. Love those pix!! Great lookin boy! There is a lot of talk in blog land about pix programs, do you use one or are that boys eyes really THAT strikingly blue in a photo? Thanks! Chelle


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