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Blog-erview with Becky of The Barefoot Seamstress

Its Wednesday and time again for another Blog-erview!!!
Lets welcome Becky from The Barefoot Seamstress to Agape Love Designs!!
If you are new here, find out about the Blog-erview Series, 
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Tell us a little about yourself and your blog and shop:

Well hello there! I'm Becky....married to my best friend, mother to a high energy lovable preschooler and a sweet toddler girl. When I am not cleaning up after my wonderfully messy family, I enjoy sewing, scrapbooking, painting and all things that inspire me to CREATE. I am a country girl at heart and can't get enough of all things handmade. You can find me blogging about my adventures here.

 My shop is plum full of burlap. It’s an addiction. Right now my focus is on burlap wedding banners and photo props. Occasionally you will find a vintage item or two.
How did you first get involved with blogging? 

I started my blog with the intent to use it as a scrapbook of sorts for my crafting projects. From there I perused all the wonderful blogs in blogland and was completely inspired by all these wonderful women. I started creating tutorials, linking up to link parties and was amazed that someone would visit my blog to comment on my work!

Has blogging played a role in the start of or development of your shop? If so, how? If not, tell us how your shop came about.

I watched my mom develop her craft business from a hobby to a storefront, as a child. This not only inspired my business but also taught me how to run a business and be a wife and mother at the same time.
Blogging definitely gave me the confidence to get out there and start my Etsy shop. Everyone has a talent to offer and I wanted to be a part of that!

 How do you come up with material/content for your blog each day, What inspires you?

I'm not gonna lie...this is the one thing that I am absolutely terrible about! I rarely post more than once or twice a week. Something to work on for the future! I usually post about whatever I am working on at that moment and sometimes I dig down deep and bare my soul.

What has been the most challenging moment in being a blogger?
Taking a step back and realizing that I can’t do it all and that’s ok!

Name some of the bloggers whom you look up to and why?
Sunni @ LoveAffair with my Brother - Sunni is completely down to earth and somehow always manages to give me a good chuckle plus she's insanely creative!
Lindsay @ The Cottage Home - Lindsay makes the most gorgeous little girl dresses I have ever seen! She manages a house full plus makes time for a business, blogging and being part of the design team for Riley Blake. Not to mention she's completely humble!
If someone was interested in blogging, what would be a few things you would suggest?
#1 Do your homework first. Find out what the best platform for your needs is and write down an estimate of how much time you would like to spend on your blog each week.
#2 Don’t get overwhelmed! Blogland is a great community but it can be overwhelming being a newbie. Don’t feel like you should be doing what everyone else is doing. Do what you are comfortable with.

What Social Networks are you on? 

I'm a wee bit addicted to......Facebook and Pinterest

What networking do you do, that you feel helps your blog and/or shop the most?
Facebook is a great way to connect one on one with readers and customers.
What goals do you have, if any, for your blog/shop right now and in the future?

So many! My number one goal right now for my shop is to make enough to send my 5 year old to private Christian kindergarten this fall. My second goal is to find the balance between being a work at home mom and a wife/mom. It's so tough but I feel like I am starting to find that balance in the chaos of life!

For my blog, just to find the time to post more and create more tutorials for beginning sewists. I just started beginners sewing classes in my local area and it has been SO much fun to watch these ladies grow and learn with each class.

What has been the best thing about blogging so far, feel free to share any exciting triumphs or milestones you have had or reached! :)

Connecting with and becoming friends with readers and fellow bloggers. Also, receiving emails from friends and others saying that I have inspired them to start sewing or start their own business! That to me is the ultimate form of flattery.
Is there anything you know now that you wish you knew before you started blogging?
How much time blogging actually takes! It's amazes me when I sit down to write a post and end up spending way more time than I thought I would. Good thing for that "save" button!
Is there anything else you would like to share with my readers?
Thank you Maria, for giving me the honor of being featured on your blog! It’s been a pleasure !


Thank YOU Becky for being here!! :) 
Its so true, it does take lots of time. I always think I will be able to sit and write a post in a few minutes... Then a couple hours later I am finished! It takes up a lot of time for sure. But I love it!
Also great tips for newbies.. loved your #2 tip! So true!

Much Love & Hugs,

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  1. Super nice getting to know you Becky! :)

    Headed to your blog now!! :)



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