Friday, May 18, 2012

Button Up With My Bloggy Favs

When I was younger I used to collect random pinback buttons
I never wore them, I just really liked them. 
I thought they were cool, fun and unique.
I would stick my favs to a cork board, along with random pictures I loved, quotes and
magazine articles that inspired me, and my doodle papers.
I'm not sure what reminded me of my pinback button collection, because I no longer have them...
But it made me think of a fun thought. 
If I still collected buttons today, I would totally want to have some buttons of my FAV bloggers.
And If I still have a cork board hanging in my room... It might look something like this: 
Today I thought I would give a shout out to some of my favorite bloggers.
I sort of suck when it comes to showing comment love sometimes, because I am often on the go!
And most of the time when I read their blogs I am on my phone, which is sort of lame and wont let me comment. :( BOO!
So I am going to show them some love today.
Because they totally deserve it, and I would like to show my appreciation for their awesome, blogs!
And for being so kind to me at one point or another.

Casey Leigh: We all know her. She is absolutely fabulous. Gorgeous inside and out. I love her sweet sensitive heart. I admire her faith, and just how much TRUST she puts in God. Her posts are always inspiring, heartfelt, uplifting and good reminders to be grateful for all we have. I love her unique fashion sense. Her kids are beautiful and all those posts with beautiful pictures of her family and life make me smile everytime I see them. I am a very visual person and you can just feel the love and joy radiate from them! I also absolutely LOVE her taste in music, sometimes I open up her blog in a new tab just to listen to her music player (I'm doing that now actually!). And that is rare, because usually I am the type of person who cant stand music on a blog, and keeps my laptop on mute! But not on her blog!! ♥

Jen From Craft-O-Maniac: Can we say CRAFTY QUEEN? Jen is amazing. I just adore her. She is such a sweet heart. So beautiful and has such a kind heart. I love her blog, because she always has a great craft project going on! I dont know how she does it, or thinks up so many awesome ideas... but I guess that's why she is the "craft-o-maniac", right!? ;) hehe She also has some extremely adorable kids and has even started a photography blog, recently. Even though I dont know her in real life, I just feel a connection to her because we seem to have a lot in common. She is easy to talk to and is honestly a genuine person.
Krista from Saturated Canary: I'm sure its no surprise that I adore this rad chick! I've raved about her many times on my blog. What can I say, she is one of my favorite artists! Krista is the amazing artist behind my beautiful custom avatar (seen in my header). But more than that Krista has a big heart, and has been a sweet friend to me. Totally wish I knew her in real life! I so enjoy checking out her artwork and SMASH books And her fashion posts. I also love that she shares about her faith and love for God on her blog too. ♥ I also enjoy reading about her love for her family and gorgeous kiddos and all the fun stuff they do. And I think its funny how much it seems both our husbands have in common. ;)

Nina from Momma Go Round: Nina is just amazing to me! I LOOVE her style, its very similar to mine. She is beautiful and confident. Her posts and Real Momma, Real Style Linky party have encouraged me to step out of my style comfort zone and try new things. I only ever decided to do an outfit post because of her! Its so fun! She is also a cool crafty momma and comes up with great ideas for diy jewelry and other crafty things! She rocks. Plus she is SUPER sweet, also easy to talk to and always replies when I have a comment or questions. I also recently found out that she is prego  with her second child! Yay, congrats Nina!!

Illene from Much Love Illy: Oh man, what good thing ISN'T there to say about Illene!? She is amazingly kind and helpful... Not to mention beautiful and has a rockin fashion sense too. I was fairly new to her blog, I know.. where had I been all this time!? But I instantly feel in love. She is also just so real. She is FUNNY. She is a woman of faith, how wonderful the way she talks about God and the love she has for Him. She also seems very laid back, the kind of person it would just be so fun to hang out with! I am glad to call her a bloggy friend!! And that she can tolerate my rambling and questions when I email!! ;) Oh also... Have you read the Proposal story? It got me all teary eyed, seriously TOO sweet!

Nichelle of Vintage Wanna Bee: I have been following Nichelle since the beginning. And I just adore this beautiful girl. There are an endless amount of wonderful things I could share about Nichelle. Like that fact that she is so brave for sharing about her injury and rather than letting it bring her down, she has allowed God to use it to help her slow down and appreciate life and its surroundings more. Like the awesome fact that she blossomed almost overnight it seems here in blogland and has become very successful in a short amount of time! But despite that, she is very down to earth, she is KIND and generous and ALWAYS willing to help and do what she can to lend a hand to others! She has been a great bloggy friend to me, I just love this girl! She is sweet and genuine an isnt afraid to be herself, whether its being weird/awkward, shy, silly, upset or spiritual. I admire her strength in all that she has been though and over come. And in all she is doing despite her injury. It really shows that with God all things are possible. We dont have to be perfect to succeed and to do good. We just have to be willing!


I encourage everyone to show your appreciation to/for your favorite bloggers and bloggy friends!
I am so glad to know, read, learn from and call these ladies bloggy friends in one way or another.
I hope someday we can maybe meet... If I am ever cool enough to attend a blog conference or something. :)

Thanks for letting me GUSH!
You all rock!

Oh and I created all the buttons, feel free to snag 'em and use them to support your fav bloggers!
I also created a couple for my blog, in case ya wanted one or something? ;)

Much Love & Hugs,

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