Friday, May 25, 2012

Check Your Blogger Stats {Tutorial}

Sometimes I think because I know how to do something and understand it simply,
I assume its common knowledge and that everyone knows how to do it.
It came to my attention yesterday that some people might not know how to check their stats in blogger.
SO I thought I would share a quick and easy tutorial for those of you who would like to know!
As well as why its important to know your stats, just don't allow them to make you obsess. :)
First you start off in your blogger dashboard.
Under your blog name, there is a squiggly "stat" line followed by numbers and the word "Pageviews".
(High lighted below) Click on that.
 That will bring you to your stats Overview.
This page will show you a little over everything.
Like your page views for the day so far, yesterday, last month and all time history.
A shortened stat list your Posts page views and your Traffic sources.
If want to see a longer list click MORE (high lighted below).
I clicked more posts first.
 Here on the full Posts stat page I can see which posts were being viewed and how many page views they got!
You can view these by All time, Month, Week, Day and even who is viewing your blog right NOW.
The cool thing about seeing these stats is you know which of your blog posts is most popular.
Which gives you an idea of what people like the most and want to read more of on your blog.
Also, it helps knowing people are reading or at least LOOKING at your blog, even if you didn't get any comments.
I know when you don't get many or ANY comments on a post, you think no one read it.
But here you can see IF and how many page views you actually got.

Speaking of comments, this page also shows how many comments were posted on each blog post.
As you can see my TOP viewed post for the week (The Secret to longer lashes)
got 559 page views, and only 19 comments!
Obviously that doesn't add up. Not everyone takes time to comment.
But that doesn't mean no one is reading your blog.
 Next, over to the left side you can go back to the stats overview... or click right to your traffic sources.
Which is what I will show you all next.
The Traffic sources page is awesome!
I LOVE checking out this page, because it shows me JUST WHERE my traffic comes from!
This page is important because it lets me know if a blog or place
I am advertising on is actually giving me traffic.
Which helps me decide whether or not I was to keep sponsoring or advertising with them or not.
This also shows me places who might have linked to my blog without me knowing it!
I can click the links and see where they lead.
More than a few times I had found a new blog that had featured on of my posts, to my surprise.
A lot of my traffic, though comes from pinterest and google searches.

 Speaking of google searches, from this same page,
you can also see the key words people search that bring them to your blog.
Below is a look at the Search Keywords from the past week and today.
These are words people put in google search that end up leading them to my blog.
Its always interesting to see what key words lead to my blog. :)
Knowing these key words are important because they let me know what people search for,
and I want to bring more traffic to a certain topic, I can use some of these key words,
that I know are bringing people to my blog.
Lastly you can view who your audience is through your blogger stats.
To be honest I hardly ever look at this part of my stats.
I am sure it is or may be useful to some, for different reasons,
but I don't find it as important, for me at least.
Though it is kind of interesting to see where my audience comes from and such.

 Well that is about it for checking your stats in blogger!
Hope you found it helpful. :)
If you have any questions or anything to add, please leave a comment and let me know.

Much Love & Hugs,

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