Tuesday, May 22, 2012

DIY Custom Key Chain Tutorial

Last weekend I hosted a table for our church's Mother's Day Tea & Brunch.
I wanted to create a special little favor for each of the ladies attending my table.
Who just so happen to be my mom, sisters, my daughter and a few of my nieces . ♥
So I came up with a fun idea to create some adorable little key chains for them!
They are SUPER easy to make and turn out just adorable too!
These are the supplies you will need:
I found that bag of key chains at the dollar tree.
 You will also need:
 a Printer, 
(and possibly a scanner), 
Shrink paper
and some drawings, photos, or ANYTHING you might want for your custom key chain.
I decided to use some of the Saturated Canary digi's I had bought 
and colored to resemble each person at my table.
 I had to scan my colored images onto my computer in order to print them out,
but if you have an image already on your computer you wont need the scanner.
Anyways, so I picked my images and printed them out, onto the shrink paper.
I printed mine at about 5x7 size because images shrink to HALF their original size.
You can decide whatever size you want or need.
 Next, use the hole punch to make a hole at the top of your image, 
then cut out the shape of your image.
 Next follow the instructions on the package of the shrink paper.
The kind I bought said to bake on a Teflon pan, or cardboard, at 350 degrees for 2-3 minutes.
This is how big my images where to start out:
And this is how they looked after:
Smaller and thicker and So cute!!
 They are small, but the details are still perfect!
 Next, take the key chain and a jump ring and connect the image using your flat nose pliers.
 And thats it, just attach your keys...
 Or attach to your purse zipper for an adorable zipper pull!

They were a big hit with everyone at my table!
And I imagine they would be the perfect little gift or party favor for any occasion. :)
Think, theme birthday parties. 
Or use pictures of your kids as a gift for Mother's Day, Father's Day or for Grandparents. 

The possibilities are endless! :)

Much Love & Hugs,

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  1. I didn't realize it was so easy! Thanks for a great idea that I hope to use one day!

  2. awwwww....soooo adorable!!!!

  3. I am a new GFC follower~ cute stuff here!! Hope you will stop by and follow me as well.

  4. You crafty girl!! I love these!!! How cute. They look pretty easy, too! Thanks for this fun and super cute tutorial!!! It was really fun to see the shrink photos...So cool!


  5. I love it! You rock. I would love to try this!!!!!!!!!!


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