Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Just Keep Moving...

Ok so I know in my last weight loss update I said I would try to do an outfit post to show my progress so far. 
But I just have not had the time to get any new pictures taken! 
Fortunately I do have SOMETHING to show you. :) 
We had to get pictures taken for our Church's new directory... 
And our pastors wife was sweet enough to email me our family's picture. :)

So here I am with my beautiful little family. 
This picture was taken about a little over a week ago, Sunday the 22nd.
I was at a 27 pound weight loss at the time. I have not weighed myself again yet since then!
And I am a little afraid too because all of last week I was only able to go to the gym ONCE.
I was super busy getting the house and everything ready for Brucey's birthday party,
which you can check out {here} & {here}.
AND I had a couple slices of Pizza!! Which was such a bad idea. I ended up feeling sick later that night.
I guess after not having anything fatty like that for a long time I just wasn't used to it anymore. Blah.
Anyways... this week is back to the gym! And we are hitting it HARD.
While doing cardio yesterday I kept singing to myself (in the voice of Dory from Finding Nemo)
"Just Keep Moving, Just Keep Moving, Just Keep Moving...."

I am hoping to push past the 40lbs weight loss mark by the end of this month!
Keep the prayers coming!! ♥

Much Love & Hugs,


  1. Way to go! And great fam photo!

  2. Looking' good!!! Keep up the good work and don't get down on yourself for having a treat for a birthday party! Enjoy!

  3. You look awesome and you are doing great! So proud ofyou. It is ok to have a treat once and a while, but I understand the yucky feeling of eating something you haven't eaten in awhile. It happens to me with sugar, i.e. donuts, etc. Love you guys hugs to the kids

  4. Beautiful! You are doing so awesome!

  5. Lookin great girl!! Way to go!

  6. You go girl!!!! You are so incredibly beautiful!!!


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