Monday, May 21, 2012

Wanna Hang Out?

Headband: Much Love Illy 

Wanna Hang out?
Hang out in my side bar, that is!
Or you can even hang out IN POST by Sponsoring Agape Love Designs this Month!!
To make things easy and convenient, Ive decided to start using Passionfruit Ads.
And you can purchase your ad right away, below!

But first, lets check out some of my stats:
Agape Love Designs is GROWING daily!!

Stats as of May 2012
983 GFC Followers
994 RSS Followers
2,280 Facebook Fans
301 Twitter Followers
616 Pinterest Followers

I average about 23,00-25,000 page views a month!

Meaning... the money earned from your sponsorships goes right back into advertisement of my blog on other bigger blogs. Which will also get YOU more exposure. 

Ive been seen on Just Lovely Things, Eisy Morgan, & Wonder Forest. As of March 2012 Im currently on Vintage Wanna Been, Casey Weigand, & Much Love Illy. And Ive already purchased the Large ad on Much Love Illy for April & the Feature Ad on The Shine Project for the month of May!

You can sponsor in any of these ways:
Pay for Options:
Sponsor an "In Post" Ad!
For more info Click {here}
Much Love & Hugs,

P.S. Ad Space Winners are:
Large Ad Space: Barn Owl Primitives
Medium: Love Sparkle Pretty
In Post: Danielle from Draw String Studios
In Post: Life Created
Please email me asap!


  1. Honey thanks for the sweet comment on my blog, following you now<3

  2. this is rannnndom.. but you have gorgeous eyes!! :)


  3. GASP!!! Oh my goodness! :)
    This made my morning! lol Thank you!
    p.s. your sponsorship photo is gorgeous :)


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