Monday, May 21, 2012

Who Wears Short Shorts!?

Who wears short shorts!?
If you thought I was going to say me, well, you're wrong.
I dont wear short shorts.
I dont even like shorts, well I didnt. Not for a long time.
In the past 3-4 years I have not worn shorts, at all.
This week end I was going to be outside, in the heat, painting faces at a little carnival.
I had no idea what I was gonna wear, and I didnt want to wear pants.
Especially really lose, no longer fitting me, pants!
So, I reluctantly tried on an OLD pair of shorts (that I think I only wore once).
And they fit quite nicely actually.
Suddenly my hatred, well, FEAR really, of shorts was gone.
 I threw on my sweet red wedges and suddenly felt cute and confident.
Wait, what?
Ive never felt cute, nor confident in a pair of shorts!
Not with my chunky thighs.
But I guess there is something about high heels, or wedges, that really makes your legs look great.
So yeah, I felt good. Yay. ♥
Shirt & Shorts: Torrid, Shoes: Soda via Ross
 (BTW thats a black cami under the red shirt, not my bra hanging out!)
So anyways, I'm glad for the little confidence boost, I really needed to feel good this week end.
My weight loss has slowed, and I have only lost 5 more pounds since my last weight loss post.
That was 2 weeks ago. So I was a little bummed out that I hadn't lost more.
But I am down a total of 35 lbs now, and that's nothing to be upset about.
So I really can't complain.... Right? ;)

Much Love & Hugs,

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  1. You look so cute in the outfit. You have done an amazing job losing what you have to date. You need to be very proud of yourself. Love you your WA mom

  2. woohhoo!! you look great!! :)


  3. love your outfit!! those shoes are so pretty!! you are looking great!! I love your long hair:).


  4. you look great Maria! When I first saw you I saw wow cute!!

  5. Very cute! Love the color combinations!

  6. very cute outfit Maria.And I love it when you find something in your closet you haven't worn in awhile and wola it does.Keep up the work,

  7. Congrats, Maria. You look great, and you are quite the inspiration!


  8. You look gorgeous Chica!!!! You are certainly "Rockin" those shorts & I LOVE that top! Keep up the good work!!! (Lil hint: Spray tan makes your legs look even longer/leaner)!!! !! God Bless You Beautiful!!!!

  9. I love the very bottom pic on the left, it looks so spunky, like "Yeah I know I'm adorable!" Hehe. Don't get too concerned with the number on the scale, you are probably building up some nice muscles and still going down in size, which is what really counts. You're doing AMAZING!

  10. You look so great!! And I totally know what you mean, I rarely ever wore shorts! It's all about how you feel..and you truly do look great!!! Gotta love those outfits that you just feel confident it. You're weight loss story is amazing.. :)

    A Clever Life


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