Monday, June 18, 2012

Confident In My Own Skin

 So I mentioned before that since I hit such a big weight loss milestone,
(and because most of my clothes are falling off me now) that I got to do a little bit of shopping!
I fell in LOVE with this gorgeous dress, and was SHOCKED that it looked so good on me after trying it on.
Not to sound conceited, I dont mean to come off sounding that way.
But honestly trying on clothes had never been my favorite thing. It was always discouraging!
If you're a bigger girl, or have ever been heavey, you KNOW what I mean.
Its hard to fall in love with the look of something on the rack, only to try it on and look horrid. :(
So when I tried on this dress and it actually looked good on me, it was a BIG deal.
I'm finally starting to feel comfortable... Confident, even, in my own skin.
Maybe you didn't know this, but I have always been extremely insecure and shy too.
Confidence is ALSO a big deal for me.

Of course I still have a long way to go in this weight loss journey...
And I KNOW I keep saying that, but honestly I do!
Still it's amazing what 40 lbs can do.
ANYWAYS, I was hoping not to write so much about my weight loss stuff,
But its what pops into my mind whenever I do these outfit posts.
So hopefully I'm not boring anyone!
I must confess though, that I have not lost much weight since last time (woot, 4 pounds)...
because I missed the gym for about 2 weeks!
I was dealing with two sick little boys, and then I got sick... SOOOO yeah, no gym for me.
Plus lots of bed rest...
But I have been back on track now and it feels nice, hopefully next update will be a great one.

Ok, so I must mention my shoes.
I first saw them online and was like MUST HAVE GOLD GLITTER HEELS!
Literally I think I went all zombie for a minute.
Are they not the cutest ever!?
Sure, a few people at church were saying some prayers that I didn't break a leg in them.
BUT I pulled them off pretty well... For a Big girl, I can do heels, Promise!

Dress: Maurices, Gold Glitter Shoes: Payless, Necklace: Premier Designs, Headband: Just Lovely Things

 Oh and guess what, THE HUBS took all these photos of me.
Yeah I remember when I said I would never have him do these pics for me,
because he would probably laugh at me and I would be all embarrassed.
Well he totally went all "pro" on me. haha
It was sweet. I love him TONS!
Also, you may not have noticed in the other pics, but I totally did my nails to match my outfit.
Dont judge, Yes I am a "matchy-matchy" kind of girl. I cant help it!!!
Coral polish is: Wet n Wild Wild Shine in Blazed,
Gold Glitter polish is: Pure Ice in Golden Ticket

Back to the confidence subject.... I found this on Pinterest, and I just had to share.
Are you more of a confident or insecure person?
Source: via Maria on Pinterest

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. youuu are STUNNING. loovee the dress!!


  2. You look stunning--that color looks really great on you. Glad you're learning to be comfortable in your own skin. You're inspiring others. Keep it up :)


  3. You look so beautiful! I love your blog and your heart shows in this post. We, as women, are always so looking to be better and help ourselves more and more.... we want to be beautiful!

    You are shining, girl! KEEP IT UP!

  4. You ARE beautiful! As a "big" girl, I feel your pain about shopping and confidence seeking. As physical beings, we all place WAY to much emphasis on physical appearance. What really matters (not to sound trite) is whats inside. And your creations are some proof of the beauty you have within. Keep up the good work! You are an inspiration!

  5. This post made me so happy<3 You are gorgeous, but I've always thought that! I have to say, I believe you had more confidence than you believed because it takes courage & confidence to post so pictures of yourself online, especially with your make-up tutorials & style posts. You might feel like a "big girl" but you have always (IMO anyway) presented yourself with poise and style. I'm glad you are starting to see yourself in a more positive light :)

  6. I love hearing about your weight loss and I love the outfit posts! Keep 'em coming and congratulations!

  7. You look beautiful, the dress is stunning! I too was afraid to have the hubs take pics for me, but he's getting really good at it!

  8. You look gorgeous! Love the dress and shoes, and everything! I'm on the weight loss journey, too, and it is going steady but slowly! 8 pounds in about four weeks, and I've fought for every ounce! Way to go on losing 40!

    Shaping Up To Be A Mom

  9. So proud if you! I have to say, that color looks great on you.

  10. You are stunningly gorgeous, and 40 pounds is a HUGE deal!! Congrats, girl! I've struggled with my weight forever and am really unhappy about it. Man, it's such a struggle.

    Anyways, I stopped by to say hanks so much for linking up with Mani Monday, but I just have to tell you what an inspiration you are. Keep up the good work, girl!

    Heather @ Glitter and Gloss

  11. Great post girl, you look amazing!!

    BTW I always get discouraged in stores because of my shape. I'm very slender so it's the same problem only everything looks like a bag on me lol That's why I love thrift stores :)

  12. You are GORGEOUS!!!!!!!!!!!! That dress does look AMAZING on you!! I always adore your makeup! You're so beautiful!

  13. Such an awesome outfit, love love love the coral dress and even more the message behind your post! I'm still working everyday on getting to that place where I am comfortable, happy and content in my own skin! It's a journey! Totally gorge mani as well, no harm in being 'matchy-matchy' when it looks that good! :)


  14. You are so Beautiful! That dress was surely made for you!!! Honestly Girl, I don't know HOW you walk in those shoes but they DO make your calves look GREAT!! You are lookin good Maria Isabel! Keep up the good work & God Bless your Husband!!! The pix look fabulous, love your nails. And if you think your fans do NOT want to hear of your successes, the things that make your heart sing, think again. DON"T hold back. Give us ALL ya got Sweetheart!!
    Again, Lovely, just Lovely!!

  15. Your dress is gorgeous and you look very beautiful! I did a "dress" WIWW post too this week. So fun for summer.

    Congrats on your weight loss. It's wonderful.

  16. You make that dress look beautiful! And the nails and headband? You are just too darling!

  17. You look amazing! I love that dress, it looks beautiful on you! I just went through your previous posts and you are doing so great, keep it up!!

  18. You look so beautiful! I am really struggling with my body image and I typed "confident girls with curves wearing high heels" into Google and your blog popped up. I've had many people make fun of my large calves and I've gotten so self conscious I haven't wanted to wear heels or dresses anymore. I keep praying for strength and God lead me to you. Congrats! You are a beauty! God Bless!

    1. Jovan,
      Your comment brought me to tears! Thank you for leaving it. Im so sorry to hear how people's careless words have hurt you and made you feel insecure. That is terrible! I have been there before.. I can relate and feel your pain. Words DO indeed hurt and damage a person! I am so glad you found my blog and this post. I do hope it inspires you and encourages to feel better about yourself. You need to know that you are a beautiful child of God, no matter what your size!
      And what matters is how YOU feel about yourself. I honestly do believe confidence is beauty! Even before I started losing weight, I still always tried my best to look good and dress nice... Even though I was insecure about my weight & looks I always tried. I wore heels and dresses. And whats interesting is that many people I know in person were SURPRISED to find out I was such an insecure person, because I came off confident with how I dressed and presented myself. So I encourage you to look in the mirror, tell yourself you are gorgeous every day, and you go out and rock those dresses and heels! And dont let anyone make you feel less about yourself!
      God bless. And again THANK you for your kind words to me! I feel so blessed to be able to be an encouragement to you. Truly my heart feels so full because of your words to me. Hugs to you my sweet friend.


    2. Thank you! I'm taking those hugs and sending some back your way! Sisters in Christ stick together! Jovan xoxo


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