Tuesday, June 5, 2012

DIY Custom Tissue Paper (Business Branding)

If you have your own handmade business, you know how important image and branding is.
 Today I'd like to share with you a super simple DIY idea for packaging your goodies!
One thing I LOVE about some of my favorite shops is their custom tissue paper.
When I would shop at Torrid for example, I loved that they wrapped my clothes in their pretty tissue paper!
It just made it awesome in my eyes.
I wanted MY OWN packaging to have that special, personal quality to it.
So I came up with an idea to create my own CUSTOM tissue paper, to wrap my headbands in.
Tissue paper in my business colors. 
(.97 for one package)
Ink Pads
(I use pink and black)
Custom Stamp
(I had searched a LONG time for a place to purchase a custom stamp that was affordable.
I bought mine from JL Mould for a really reasonable price & the quality is amazing! )
 Then all you do is simply separate your tissue paper and stamp!
Easy Peasy, and now you have your own custom tissue paper!
Now you have custom tissue paper to wrap up your goodies with!
 Maybe its just me, but I just LOVE this.
I feel like it is more special and personal.
And I hope that those who receive my items get excited when they see how special
the packaging is, and know they they got something awesome from Agape Love Boutique!

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Much Love & Hugs,


  1. I love getting fun stuff in your stamped tissue paper. I may or may not still have some floating around on my bathroom counter just because I like it so much. I can't bear to just throw away all that effort. :)

  2. What a cute cute idea. Yes it does make it feel more special when you get personalized paper or even when you get paper at all...its special all around.

  3. What an awesome idea!


  4. Too cute! I love it! I'd feel so special ordering these and getting that in the mail!

  5. Very cute it is more personal. I love it.

  6. Oh this is so smart!! Love this idea! I need a custom stamp, the one I have where you can interchange the letters would not be good for this tutorial! I'll have to check them out!

  7. Love it...was entering the stamp contest and found u.....bookmarking


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