Thursday, June 21, 2012

DIY Sea Shell Hair Clips

 I am so loving the fact that summer is here.
My fam has been out in the pool a lot lately,
which leave me with this whole sun bathed, curly haired "beachy" look.
It made me think about creating some fun beachy hair accessories!
I came up with these SUPER cute, and fun sea shell clips.
I just LOVE how they look in my hair.
 Yes I went a little photo crazy,
taking pics of the different looks and combinations of them in my hair.
 No I am not wearing makeup. And Yes I do realize how messy my eyebrows look!
I had JUST come in from swimming and sunbathing before taking these photos.
I figured I should completely capture the beach look with these beachy accessories. ;)
 Ok, so here is the SUPER easy How To:
All my supplies I had on hand.
~Nail polish
~E-6000 glue
~Sea Shells
(bought from the dollar tree a while ago)
~Bobby Pins with a glue pad
I purchased mine here
 Step One:
Pick your polishes and paint your shells!
As you can see I used a bigger shell to test the colors on.
 Step Two:
Add glue to the bobby pins then stick to the back of your shells!
Then let dry for about an hour.
And that is it!
Super easy, super cute and totally fun to wear!
Then just admire your total beach babe-ness in these mermaid-esque hair clips!!
 Dont you just LOVE them!?
I totally do.
If you use my tutorial to make your own, please take some photos and share them with me!! ;)
Oh and I must admit....
Writing this post makes me think of that tongue twister:
She sells seas shells by the sea shore!!
 Cant get it out of my head now.

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Love the little mermaid look you have going! So cute!

  2. these would be great as favors for a mermaid party! how cute...i love the small conch-type ones you made

  3. That is so awesome! I am going to have some extra shells from my summer wreath and I have tons of blank bobby pins.

  4. These ARE super cute! Doesn't matter that you aren't wearing make-up and your eyebrows look just fine. You are gorgeous anyhow and I love how you have taken many photos, brightens up the post and shows us different ways. Thanks for sharing.

  5. WOW!! Are the curls a result of the "sock bun"? LOVE your photos!!! You really have a way of 'working' the camera, especially w/ your eyes!!! SO PRETTY!

  6. Funny, after I made my comment I read the others. I had not even noticed you were not wearing any makeup! WOW!! A NATURAL beauty!! This may be a dumb question to you but why do you wear makeup? You are so pretty w/ and/or w/o it!! I mean your make up does not look like a lot til I saw you w/o any. Man, I sure wish I could look as gorgeous naturally!!! Lucky, (scratch that!!!) BLESSED Woman!!!

  7. These are soooo cute!! I want to make some of these like right now! :)
    & p.s. you are gorgeous :)

  8. How cute and beachy! I never would have thought to turn seashells into hair clips! Love this idea!

  9. where did you get those bobby pins?


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