Monday, June 4, 2012

Girls Night Out

Two weekends ago (yes I am behind) I had the pleasure of a girls night out!
(It was my new sister in law's bachelorette party)
Pedicures. Dinner. Dancing. Girl Chat.
Heck yes!
Also, because I was going to be going out, The Hubs let me do some shopping.
Which was wonderful, because most of my clothes are just so baggy and falling off me.
So I got a couple new shirts, and a new DRESS!
I cant wait to show off my new dress to you all, its fabulous.
On top of that, I am fitting into MORE of my old smaller clothes!
Shirt: Walmart, Black Lace Cami: Ross, Capri's: Old Navy (old),
Shrug: Maurices, Shoes: Dollhouse (old), Necklace: Premier Designs
I haven't worn my hair straight in a LOOONG time.
So I decided it was time to bust out the blow dryer & round brush.
I also tried out the braided "headband" look.
Though I did the braids so small, you couldn't really tell unless you were above me! haha
But I still really like how it turned out.
Sooo... are you all curious at all about a weight loss update?
Ive been meaning to post more about how things have been going, with my weight loss,
but I have been super busy.
And dealing with two sick little boys, and then I myself got sick. :(
ANYWAYS, I am down another 5 pounds for a weight loss total of 40 pounds!
Yes, it feels great. I still have a long way to go, but I am optimistic.
Oh and I just had to show off my sweet pedicure!
I love getting my feet pampered. ♥

So how was YOUR week end?

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. You are inspiring! I need to lose about 30 pounds and i start and then i am great for 3 weeks and then i stop! When i see your blog posts i am like "I could be like her! buying smaller clothes, feeling healthy and happy".
    You look great! keep it up! you can do it! and so can i!


  2. Wow! Your weight loss is amazing. You look beautiful!

  3. Close up of your toes! How brave! In other news... you look great!

  4. your beautiful. Love your top!

  5. you look awesome. you go with the wieghtloss, you deserved new duds! i am loosing too...its so hard! proud of you!

  6. 40 lbs?! What a milestone!! I hope you are proud of yourself, because you should be :)

  7. Your hair looks so pretty straight!

  8. Wow - you look awesome. Great outfit and super hot shoes.

  9. i envy your pedicure.

    great outfit.

    40lbs! way to go.

    you are beautiful.


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