Thursday, June 14, 2012

Whats In A Name

Ever wonder what the meaning of someone's blog or shop name was??
Well today, Ive asked my sponsors to share the meaning to theirs!
They are pretty interesting, so check them out and then visit some links and say hello!

Illene of Much Love Illy
My fiance gave me the nickname Lil' illy when we first started dating. It was more of an inside joke - you'd never hear him call me illy outloud but most of his emails included that little name. And since my shop started out as a card shop, a closing signature seemed appropriate at the time! It continues to be appropriate (at least I think so!) because I still make every item with much love by me!

Krista of Saturated Canary
sat•u•rat•ed (s ch -r t d) adj. Unable to hold or contain more; full.
I love this word, because I want to be completely filled with the Lord, my family, and the abilities and possibilities He graciously gives me. ‘Canary’—I love my mom so much...She has always been a huge encourager and supporter of everything I try. Her favorite color is yellow. So, that’s where it all comes from;).

Barn Owl Primitives
I dream that one day I'll walk out the back door of my farm house, across the field to my barn studio.  My mom collected owls in the 70's (they just don't make decades like that any more.)  Growing up, I spent many weekend days in my mom's antique shop and it's there that I developed a love of 'all things old.  So I married all these wonderful things together to create Barn Owl Primitives.

Our Reflection 
If I was going to jump into the world of blogging, I wanted our name to reflect who we really were. I came up with a list of at least a dozen possibilities but they had already been taken. I was literary beating myself up with why couldn't I come up with a simple blog name. Then it hit me. "I" can't do anything on my own. I needed to take the advise I'm constantly giving to others, step back and pray about it. And that's exactly what I did.

My husband and I are in a couple bibles study and one night when he was speaking about how husbands should treat their wives, he turned at looked directly into my eyes and said, "When I look at my wife, I see Jesus face transparent before hers. There is nothing I wouldn't say or do to her, that I wouldn't say directly to Him."

I was breathless. So beautifully said, I was bit in aw. My husband is an amazing, admirable man. I rehearsed in my mind, over and over those words he spoke to me that night. My husband is the reflection of a mighty and faithful servant. That was it! That's how I wanted our family to be known, as faithful servants. And to be this, we needed to live in His reflection. 

That's how our little blog came to life. I made my news years goal and on January 1, 2012, Our Reflection came to life.

Kayla of Love Sparkle Pretty
Love Sparkle Pretty came to me very easily actually. One day, after deciding to create a blog, I sat down and wrote some words out that described how I feel and what I adore! Love-came to me from scripture "And now these three remain: faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is LOVE." 1 Corinthians 13:13 We show God's love for us by loving others and loving and appreciating what we are given. Sparkle-what girl doesn't adore sparkle?! It's so feminine! lol Whenever I see something glistening, I stop and go, "oooohh what's that?!" haha It just seems like an instinct I guess. Last but certainly not least Pretty-I swoon over anything pretty! It can be from a simple little flower to an intricate grand chandelier! I love to make pretty things and I love to look at pretty things. These words inspire me every day! :)

Knotty Nani Boutique
Knotty Nani Boutique came about after my daughters encouraged me to open up shop because I had learned to crochet and was making cute hats for my grandchildren. We wanted to think up a fun and cute name. Well my amazing grand-kids all call me Nani. And my daughter liked the play on words and the sound of Knotty Nani. So we decided to go with Knotty Nani Boutique. And because I'm not the typical "crocheting granny" but am in fact a grandmother we decided the tag line "Knot Your Typical Crocheting Granny" was very fitting. And again, a fun play on words too. :)

Life Songs Of A Busy Mom
I'm a wife and busy mother of a 4 year old little girl and 1 year old twin boys. I wanted my blog to be all about the aspects of a busy mom's life (family, cooking, health & fitness, projects, holidays, education, fashion, etc) Life's a crazy, but beautiful song, and "Life Songs Of A Busy Mom" was born :)

 Gabbing With Gracie
BlogFacebookTwitter Favorite Post
 My blog name is: Gabbing with Grace: Live thoughtfully. purposefully. beautifully.  I'm currently working with a designer to add the tagline so for now, I'm just Gabbing with Grace.  Since my name is Grace and many people tell me I've been aptly named I've really tried to push into what it means to live out God's grace in my everyday life.  Gabbing is seen a mostly negative word but I like the juxtaposition of pairing it with 'grace' a word that means unmerited favor. I hope I can bring some redemption to the word gabbing by trying to do it as gracefully as possible.  I added the new tagline so that I can try and write more purposefully to help myself and other women lead very thoughtful, grace-filled and ultimately beautiful lives.  It's important to me that I gab about these things in a grace-filled way that builds others up as well.


Wasn't that fun getting to know the meaning behind their names!
What is the meaning behind your blog or shop name? :)
I know I would definitely be interested to know.

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. great idea to find out the meanings!! Love these!! (:


    1. Thanks Elisha! Glad you enjoyed them. I did too, its always fun to find out why each one chose the name they did! :)

  2. this is fabulous! so fun to see the meaning behind the name!! xo

  3. Hi Maria! I came to visit from SC blog. Congratulations on your weight loss. Your are totally gorgeous! I really enjoyed reading about you. It is always fun to "meet" new people. Thank you for letting us get to know you. Your work is beautiful!

  4. Loved this concept maria! It was fun reading about everyones blog/shop names. Thank you so much! :)


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