Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cork Board Makeover

Its been a slow go here on the blog lately!
But if your a fan on my facebook page you may know that I mentioned having a lot
to catch up on around my home, and in my craft room.
My bedroom was a totally disaster, I needed to organize my closet, bathroom and my jewelry collection!
My craft room is also just a mess. So far Ive got my room all cleaned and organized.
My craft room is almost there, still so much to do.
But I did get a little something finished for this cork board I have been wanting to makeover for a long while now.
Thought I would share how it turned out, in case you need some inspiration. ;)
 Ive had this cork board for a long time.
If you're curious about the writing, it says "Smile, only 80 more days until you get to be in his arms again".
Its what I used to count down the days while my husband was deployed to Iraq.
I stopped counting when his striker had been hit by an IED and he was injured.
Things were kind of crazy, I wasnt sure when he would be home to me.
He ended up having to go to a special hospital in Germany, for a few weeks before
he ended up coming home early from his year long deployment.

ANYWAYS... since I never erased the white board it stained and couldnt be used again.
So I've been wanting to give it a makeover.
I used primer spray paint on the whole thing.
Then transformed the white board with chalkboard paint.
 And purple spray paint for the rest!
 It looks tons better, but I thought it was looking a little plain, so wanted to all a little something extra.
So I grabbed a cute stencil I had on hand from this t-shirt re-fashion tutorial.
Some black metallic paint and a sponge brush....
 And voila!
Thats a lot better, very cute.
 Now its usable once again, up on my wall above my desk!
 Now to clear up the rest of the clutter and mess in my craft room!! :)

Thanks for stopping by.

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Super cute. Love the way it turned out!

  2. It looks great! I hope it brings better memories for you now!

  3. awesome! i never would've thought of this!


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