Monday, July 2, 2012

DIY Cherry Nail Art

Hello my lovelies!
I am excited to share with you the cute nails I was sportin' this week!
Not only that, but I have the DIY for you as well. :)
The photo's should be pretty self explanatory, but just in case here is a written step by step:

You will need a dotting tool.
Do you like my ghetto rigged pencil & sewing pin "dotting tool"??
And a very small paint brush, or a nail polish brand like KISS that has a very thin brush for designs.
  1. Paint nails with base coat and base color. (you can do all white, but I decided to just do one accent nail and the rest red.)
  2. Wait for polish to try, then use dotting tool with red polish to add a few random dots.
  3. Grab your KISS polish (in green) and draw a stem & leaves.
  4. Using the "dotting tool", I used another smaller sewing pin, then add the small white dots to the cherries.
  5. Let dry and add glitter or top coat!
That's it, easy peasy, right!? :) And totally adorbs, to boot.
Not only did I do my nails like this, but I also did my sister's toe nails in cherries too.
She loved it.
If you loved my nails, then you def wanna head on over to the Mani Monday Link Up,
hosted by Heather & Heather.

Much Love & Hugs,
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