Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The Silver Lining

Dress: Old Navy (OLD), Shrug: Walmart, Shoes: Payless (OLD),  Necklace: Chains Of Grace

If you have been a reader of Agape Love for some time now, you probably know that
things, (jewelry especially) with special meaning or purpose is big to me.
Ive written about it in this, this, this, and this post.
Another thing that is big to me, is being apart of the wonderful handmade community,
and supporting handmade businesses.
Sometimes I will search etsy for things like "charity", "donation", or "special cause",
to see if I can find items or shops that use their business for an extra purpose.

Its those shops that I love to support the most.
I am usually very purposeful in what I spend my money on and what/who I support.
I want to not only support amazing women who are making a living for themselves
through this amazing handmade community, but I especially want to support those
who also want to do good, help, and be the change!

During one of my aforementioned etsy searches I happened upon a lovely little shop called
Chains Of Grace.
I LOVE when I find an great shop filled with beautiful items that appeal to me, that also stands for a great cause!
And I had to share that Chains of Grace is one of those kinda shops.
Now I must tell you, this is NOT a sponsored post.
I wasnt asked to write about this shop, given anything for free, or compensated.
I just genuinely like this shop and felt the need to share about it with you all.
For this reason:
"Chains of Grace is about jewelry that makes you feel beautiful- not only because you are wearing a lovely, handmade item, but because you are also helping children who need you. Twenty percent of my sales are donated to Love146, an amazing organization which helps victims of human trafficking begin a new life free from the chains of slavery."

Not only is the jewelry gorgeous, but it helps an amazing cause.
And that's something worth sharing with you.
Chains of Grace also has a facebook page {here}, if you're interested in getting social. ;)

Do YOU know any shops that donate to a cause or charity?
What are your favorites?

P.S. I just had to share with you my sweet little photographer for the day. :)
My son Bruce always asks if HE can take pictures of me.
I finally gave in and let him. He did pretty good, no? ;)

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Actually our shop for the next couple of weeks is donating to a wonderful cause if you want to check it out I posted about it here.
    Thanks girl and I love it when people give back so awesome!

  2. I actually just purchased a wood decor sign that is helping a family fund their adoption of a lil from Korea.
    Here's the website:

  3. 50% of proceeds from my shop go to charity and 100% of profits from hunger bracelets are donated. Http://

    Thanks for the post - your outfit is beautiful! and I'll definitely be checking out that shop!

  4. Thanks so much, Maria! You are beautiful!
    :) Candice
    Chains of Grace

    1. Candice, thank YOU! And it is my pleasure to support your shop. ♥

  5. Gorgeous necklace! And these photos are beautiful!

  6. great post and photos ;) the necklace

  7. I will NEVER get tired of saying how absolutely Beautiful you are so I sure hope you NEVER tire of hearing it!! Love the pix & that Silver Lining necklace is just Divine as is the charity it stands for!! It would be perfect for my DD who is experiencing some trials right now, causing her to question her faith in God! She is such a good girl is so charming & helpful to others. Please keep her in your prayers.
    PS: I especially love the second to last pic of you, close up of your very sweet cupids bow lips!!!

  8. I love that necklace. I've really been into clouds lately. Stickers & things (I scrapbook).

  9. I absolutely love the necklace! And donating to a great cause is even better!


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