Thursday, July 12, 2012

What's For Dinner?

Ah, the dreaded question....Whats for dinner?
I'm not sure if its just me, but I despise that question.
Cooking is NOT my favorite.
Planning meals is something that is hard for me.
I'm sort of a picky eater and I have a hard time thinking of new recipes for dinner.
Yet its something that is important for me to do, because I get bored with the same old things
for dinner week to week. As does my family!

So whats a girl to do?
Well, have you ever heard of a menu subscription service?
I hadn't heard of one before, until Cheryl, who works for, Meals by the Week contacted me.
To tell you the truth, the whole idea sounds fabulous to me!
"Meals by the Week is a menu subscription service. Each week, family-friendly dinner menus are carefully created based on the grocery store sale ads for that week. We do our best to help you feed your family healthy, economical meals."
You can read more about Meals by the Week here in the FAQ section.

Meals by the Week takes all the thinking and the work of planing out the weeks menu, away!
They give you the meal (with side dishes) ingredients and instructions.
You can "keep it" to add to your menu, "skip it" if you dont want to use it,
or "double it" if you're going to be having guests over!
Then when you have finished picking your meals for the week you will get a
custom printable with a grocery list of everything you will need for the meals.
You can view a sample menu {here}.

Another thing I am loving about this service is that it also offers  400 calorie dinner options.
This is wonderful for me because as you know I have been on a weight loss journey.
So its such a help for me in that area.
Since being on this journey, I have been "forced" to get creative with dinner.
I wont lie, it has been a struggle, and as I said before, I tend to get bored with certain meals fast.
Having this service is going to be a big help for me!

If you think YOU could use this wonderful service, Meals by the Week is generously offering
50% off a 13 week subscription for Agape Love Readers!
Just sign up and use code: 50DealCD289

Much Love & Hugs,
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I was given a 4 week free subscription to Meals By The Week in exchange for a
review of their site. All thoughts and opinions are genuine, and truly my own.


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