Monday, August 20, 2012

Bring On September!

Is it just me or does it seem like this month is FLYING by!?
This year in general has been flying by, in my opinion.
Today, my kids started their first day of School,
and with that I have been thinking a lot about the end of Summer!
About getting back on a normal schedule, about my blog and a lot about my shop.
We are growing here at a pretty great pace, Ive got lots of fun things, projects & DIY to share with you!
So I am ready for September and what it will bring.

Ive got ideas and plans in mind for my shop.
Ive had time to really think about it, and I am definitely leaning more on bringing it back...
Rather than closing it for good.Which really was a big possibility in my mind.
But Ive already gotten a couple emails about when/if I will open again.
I also had one person contact with me with disappointing feedback. :(
Im not mad, though it was a huge bummer. I was disappointed too.
However,  I choose to look at it as a good thing and a way for me to improve my shop,
and my items for the better!

But that also means that my shop will be closed for a lot longer than just the Summer.
I cant say for sure WHEN I will open up again.
Just know that when I do... it will be BIG.
And it will be GOOD. :)
Ive thought about so much during this break.
Ive learned more about what I really want my shop and my business to look like.
Before, I was just kinda throwing in any old thing and just testing the waters.
Though that was a big learning experience for me, it was kind of hard on me too.

Anyways, Ive got a lot of work to do before I can start up again.
So now with the kids back in School, I will have more time,
and get back into this handmade- homemade business rhythm.  :)
This blog, however, will continue going strong.
Ive loved concentrating more on growing Agape Love,
and bettering this site for everyone's enjoyment!
The break from my shop really has allowed me to do that.

Another thing that will also be going strong is my love and support of my amazing sponsors!
I've been blessed to work with and for some pretty wonderful ladies.
And I would LOVE to work for YOU if you are interested.
If you ARE interested in advertising with me, lucky for you, I have new prices!
They are VERY reasonable and affordable.
Because I want anyone, with any budget to be able to afford good advertising. ;)

On top of that, I am also offering a 20% discount for all of you my sweet friends.
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These are my current stats:

 Stats as of Aug 2012
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  630+ Twitter Followers
  1,100+ Pinterest Followers

27,000+ Page views a Month

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Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. HAHA! You got me! Good job ;) I read all of it!

    1. Hehe, Megan! You sweet thing. You make me laugh... I totally wasnt even thinking about our convo about this while writing it... was just getting stuff off my mind! LOL BUT I guess thats the way to go right!!? ;)


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