Thursday, August 23, 2012

Lets Play Hide & Seek!

 I have decided to do something fun today!
I am going to be giving away 4 ad spaces for FREE today!
1 Featured Ad
1 In Post Ad
2 Medium Ads

Now if you want to WIN one of those ads you will have to play a game with me.
A little game called Hide & Seek!
I have hidden 4 promo codes.
Each promo code has which ad it goes to as part of the code.
So all you have to do is seek and FIND the code.
After you find a code, then head on over {here} to my sponsor page to grab your free ad!

Sound like fun? I hope so! :)

Ok before you start looking around let me give you a few guidelines.
~You MUST be a follower of my blog in some way (GFC, Hello Cotton, RSS, Email, bloglovin, or networked blogs).

~I will try to approve ads as SOON as they are put in.
But in the case that I am not able to approve right away...
The code will usable by more than one person, so if your ad gets denied its because someone else found the code first! Hope that makes sense! ;)

~Promo Codes will EXPIRE tomorrow night!
So you have until then to find the codes!

~Lastly here are your HINTS.
One code was added to one of my PAGES, 2 are IN a blog post from THIS month,
and the last code is somewhere on the front on my blog. ;)

Good luck to you!
Now GO SEEK!!!!

All Codes have been FOUND & CLAIMED!!

Much Love & Hugs,
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