Thursday, August 30, 2012

Mexican Fiesta / Birthday Party / Pool Party

Its a Fiesta, Its a Pool Party, Its my Birthday Party!!
Well... Actually its mine AND my sister Mona's birthday party, and it was all of the above. :)
Ive been itching to share these photos with you ALL. STINKIN'. WEEK.
Ok I exaggerate, Ive already shown you my fiesta eye makeup and what we wore,
but seriously, I'm excited to share with you the REST of the party deets!
First I will share the details of our cake.
I would hope the first thing you notice about it is the sweet chilli pepper candies I made for it.
But my guess is that the first thing you are noticing and questioning are those big 57 candles, am I right?
For those of you scratching your head on that one I'll explain....
 I just turned 28, my sister will be 29 so together we are 57!
Mona's clever husband came up with that one. ;)

Now lets move on to the chilli peppers.
I found the recipe for these {here}, they looked easy enough so I knew we had to have them on our cake!
The ONLY thing I did differently was I used caramels, the family fun recipe called for tootsie rolls.
I couldn't  find a bag of JUST tootsie rolls, but the grocery store had bulk candy you could choose from.
I saw the caramels and figured they had to work just the same!
And they DID, they worked perfectly. And in my opinion probably taste better than tootsie rolls!
I made the candy chilli peppers and Mona made the cake!
She makes amazing cakes, but for this one I told her we should do it plane jane on the outside.
But on the INSIDE we should surprise everyone with the Mexican Flag colors!
She did awesome, the colors looked SO cool.
She added the candles and I added the little banner... Just something I quickly printed and put together.
Here are some shots of the food and set up.
We had chips, salsa, and guacamole plus everything for DIY taco salad and burritos!
Not to mention we bought 40 Jarritos (Mexican Soda) for all to enjoy.
Party people, chatting, having fun, enjoying our backyard...
Thats my totally Adorbs husband with the smile right there... He was dancing with Mona. So cute.
He is also that fine thing in the blue towel. ;)
After hanging out a while and a swim we were ready for presents and cake.
Here we are blowing out our candles!!
And then, YES, we got a pinata!!!
I knocked his head off, like right away.
Poor little sleeping Mexican... He never knew what was coming! ;)
A few other peeps taking their chance at the pinata.
They had to re-tie his headless body back up. haha

There were so many photos, I wanted to share them ALL!
But I was hoping not to overwhelm my blog and my readers!
 So I hope these little collages were enjoyable. :)
They definitely bring a smile to my face with the memories they bring.

If you are looking for more party ideas,
you can check out my Luau themed pool party from a few years ago {here}!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. OMG, Maria!! That dress is to die for!!! I used to have one similar many moons ago!! It looks so cute on you! I enjoyed a peek into your soiree, how cute are the cake & those peppers?!! Mona is very pretty, just like you!!! WOW, 11 months apart, your blessed Mama!!! Love the peek, TFS!

  2. Awesome Fiesta party details! Happy Birthday! I'm turning 28 in two weeks! September 9th! I'm so excited because my Birthday celebration will also be my Bachelorette celebration! Double the trouble!


  3. So cute. Love the cake especially. Yall are creative.

    And you looked beautiful!

  4. Felicidades aunque hayan pasado unos días.
    FELICIDADES para las dos, por supuesto!!!!
    Tienes una familia muy divertida y un blog muy ameno.


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