Monday, August 13, 2012

Never Say Never

Well its been a while since my last weight loss update. I had not been real motivated to write about it and the reason is simple; there hasn't been much to update you on. Things have been crazy busy with me this Summer. Endless family activities, events, birthdays, sport practices for the kids (Monday-Friday night is practice for at least one of the kids), we are hardly home it seems. With everything going on Ive been eating terribly. Some days I eat too many calories other days I dont eat enough. Along with that Ive only been averaging 1 MAYBE 2 days a week at the gym. And well the truth is, I have not lost any more weight. The GOOD thing is I have not gained any weight either, so right now I am just maintaining.

I thought that, that wasn't anything worth writing about. I've sort of been feeling like a failure because of it. And I had this idea in my head that if I wasn't losing more weight I shouldn't post about it.... Because I though to myself "that's not inspiring". But then I had a reality check. That's the wrong kind of thinking.

Everyone going through a weight loss journey like me, or anyone planning to start, will have a plateau point like this. And they probably need to know they are not alone. And that this point is OK. I am not a failure. No one at this point should feel like a failure. I had to remind myself that all things considered I have come very far in a very short time. I need to stay proud of myself and what I have accomplished. Not throw them under the rug because I have reached a little bump that I am stuck at right now.

So I decided to write a list out. A list of all Ive accomplished so far on this journey. Things I though I'd never do or be able to say for myself. I encourage you to do the same, no matter where you are on your journey. Of course I am going to share this list with you. But before I do, I decided I am going to throw a little more honesty your way....

 I have not yet announced or admitted my weight, through all this yet. To be honest I was scared, and embarrassed. It was hard enough just to post FULL length photos of myself! Yes believe it or not, weight loss or not, seeing some of these photos of myself through this journey has been HARD, and posting them took a lot for me. But I did it to hold myself accountable.

Now because you all have been so encouraging, supporting and helped keep me accountable
I have decided to be brave again, and give you the full stats.

I am currently 28 years old (My birthday was on the 8th).
I am 5'4" and I currently weigh 185 lbs.
You already know I have lost a total of 55 lbs so far,
making my starting weight a whopping 240 lbs!

Goodness Ive got a lump in my throat and my heart aches just writing that out. :(

According to my last Dr. and that whole Body Mass Index thing,
for my height I should weigh between 125-130 pounds.
Right now my goal is to get to 140 and see how I feel then.
That would put me at a 100 lbs weight loss.
Right now, for some reason, the thought of losing more than that scares me.
But like I said, I will see how I feel then, when the time comes.

So there it is... All laid out. Honest and raw.
I almost feel like being a wimp and not posting that... But Im going to be brave.
Now, before I change my mind and start hitting backspace Im going to move on with my list.

  1. I never thought I'd ever be brave enough to go to the gym BY MYSELF.
  2. I never thought I'd do weight training by myself.
  3. I never thought I'd WANT to run.
  4. I never thought I'd try to race and almost beat The Hubs to the car after a workout.
  5. I never thought I'd be able to go so long without sweets.
  6. I never thought I'd be able to loss 50 lbs in 4 months.
  7. I never thought I'd fit into clothes I wore in High School, again.
  8. I never thought I'd actually look forward to going to the gym or even MISS it when I cant go.
  9. I never thought I'd want to take "what I wore" posts or "show off" my body.
  10. I never thought I'd tell anybody my REAL weight.
  11. I never thought I'd be someone who blogged about health & fitness.
  12. I never thought I'd be a weight loss inspiration to anyone.
  13. I never thought I'd love myself like this.
  14. I never thought I'd be comfortable in shorts
  15. I never thought I'd be brave enough to talk about this journey.
  16. I never thought I'd go anywhere in public looking like a total scrub ball.. Like how I look when I go to the gym. Like as in the photos in this post, taken before heading to the gym!
 I say again... NEVER SAY NEVER.
These are all things I though I would never do. Never could say about myself.
Yet they are also things I HAVE done! These are some of my accomplishments.
Things I can look at and be PROUD of.
No more letting myself feel like a failure. There is no way I am a failure.

Have you ever felt like that?

If you made a list for yourself, what would be on it?

I encourage you to take some time and write out a few things you have done
or accomplished that you can be proud of yourself for!

Write it in private for yourself, in a comment here or a blog post of your own.
If you want to share, I want to hear and be an encouragement to you!

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. I say your still doing awesome. You look fantastic. Im sure you feel fantastic too. I wouldnt go by what they say on your perfect weight. Go by how YOU feel and how you look to yourself. Sometimes those things are nuts. I myself as you know struggle everyday, watching what i eat doing zumba 4 times a week, well this month weve vacationed back to back.leaving me 4 weeks without doing a single bit of exercise. Ugh!! I feel awful, my body aches and im so ready to start back up. My zumba class starts again next week and ive posted an inspiration pic on my fridge once again to make it feel like im starting again, from this point. Keep up the great work, little changes make a big difference. Add some more protein to your meals. You are beautiful.

    1. Thank you so much Gabbi, you are so right! And I totally feel like we are in this together! Keep up the fab work yourself girl! We can do this!!

  2. YOU LOOK GREAT~ Thanks so so so so much for your honesty!

  3. OMG!!! Just LOOK @ you in those form fitting britches!!! You look wonderful @ this point! I can't believe you think you still WANT to lose more but I am NOT in your shoes. You look so good!!! When I started following your blog, I never once thot you were "overweight". All I saw were head shots & your face did NOT look like the face of anyone @ 240 lbs. As I have followed your weight loss your face still never seemed to change. Most people lose in the face first. Now, looking @ the photos of you in THIS post, I see it in your face, compared to previous posts. You are so beautiful in this "total scrub ball" look. If I saw you on the streets, NOT knowing you, I would say to myself, "I sure wish I could look like this in MY form fitting britches"!!! You look solid! Failure? I think NOT!!! I believe this was a hard post to post but you did it!! It is done now & yes, it must've been hard to "put yourself OUT there" but making yourself 'accountable' is such a good, REAL thing to do! Just more proof of you being JUST the person I thot you were when I started following you!!! Beauty IS skin deep & you are Beautiful from the top of your gorgeous head to the Watermelon Ice polish on your pretty little toes!! Why I'd be willing to bet if we could see a picture of your heart it would surely be Huge, Pink & look just like open arms, offering a hug!!!! Luv ya Cutie!

    1. Chelle,

      You are the most amazing blog friend I have. I can not thank you enough or express enough the gratitude I have for your always encouraging and uplifting words towards me. I am truly undeserving. I am humbled and blessed by you. :)

      Its so strange about my face... its so misleading. Especially in pictures. I have always had that "pretty face, Big waist" kinda thing going on. Which is why before this journey I only POSTED pictures of my face. But even still looking back you really CAN see the difference and a lot of weight loss in my face too. So weird, right? :)

  4. good for you!!!!!

    always remember that the week or month when you maybe stop losing weight--- it doesn't mean that you are not changing! It could be a month when you built up muscle and lost fat. And bc muscle outweighs fat, you could still be slimming down! you look FANTASTIC!!

    i think you have a great approach to your weight loss! you are very motivating and inspirational! many people base their achievement on a specific number on the scale, like that 'this is what you should with if you are this tall.' that is baloney. if you carry muscle and are super lean, you will weigh more than what the average is. i love that you will 'decide then' when you get closer... scales can be very misleading!

    something i NEVER thought i'd do...hmmm...get tattoos! haha. my poor mom-- after i got one, every one of my three siblings have gotten them too:). i'm a terrible influence:P.

    have a great week, gorgeous! love ya!!

    1. Krista,
      You are just THEE best! Thank you for this, very helpful and encouraging comment.

      And so true about the weight/height thing. My 16 year old nephew is 125 and about the same height as me and he is a tooth pick! Haha Though he is a little muscular too... but still so small. Im like no way am I gonna be 125! Sheesh.
      So yeah, the way I see it; I will get to 140, see how I look and most importantly FEEL about my weight/body and go from there.

      Thanks again for the uplifting comment. I needed to hear this!

      Oh and funny thing about tattoos... I have been wanting to get one SO bad. But Im afraid I would wimp out!

  5. Simply amazing. You look wonderful!!! don't stop!!!

    1. ♥ Thank you! Im gonna be going for sure! Plateau or not.. I will push through!

  6. Thanks for putting yourself out there to help inspire the rest of us. :) I hate when I get to a plateau. I usually give up and figure my weight-loss efforts aren't working, so why bother. You look fabulous. If I felt half as comfortable in my workout clothes as you look in yours, I'd be rockin' them all the time. You are now my motivation to get off my butt (as well as the computer) and do something today!

    1. haha Amy, I just adore you, sweet friend! THANK YOU for your compliments. Gah... it took a while for me to feel confident or even comfortable in my gym clothes! For the first 4 months I wore baggy EVERYTHING and even a big baggy sweater over my top because I was too insecure to have anything "showing".

  7. WOW!!! I am sure this took huge guts to write out- but WAY TO GO!! That is AMAZING, all of it!!! I am 5'5 and weigh at 185 too- My heaviest was at 205 when I was pregnant with my 2nd- NOT FUN. And now after 4 kids.. I'm still struggling to lose weight. I keep stablizing my weight- but now I am trying to work on getting down to 140 as well. Keep it up- you're doing awesome.. and you look great too!! Your legs look better than mine!! :)

    1. Shanna,

      Thanks for being brave too and sharing that with me! Goodness, it really is such a struggle after kids, right!? We are in this together girl! Same weight looking towards the same goal! We can do this! ♥

      Oh and p.s. Some days I feel like my legs are the only body part thats really making a change! LOL They are getting very toned from the elliptical, bike and treadmill!

    2. Yes we can!!! It's the same for me- never body pictures, always just from the waist up. If you ever need words of encouragement or someone to listen to- I'm here! I literally am anyway, lol!! Now lets get all those kids back to school so we can get our butts in gear and have our quiet time! <3

    3. SERIOUSLY!!! haha Girl, you are awesome. Thanks so much!

  8. This gives me goosebumps. THANK YOU for writing this out and sharing. It takes so much to do this. I am root for you... on your team, and, we've never met! That is encouragement to me! Xoxo from Mpls!

    1. Allison,

      You are so sweet. Thank YOU for taking the time to comment and tell me this. Knowing Ive got cheerleaders really makes all the difference! This post really was a hard one to publish, and I was nervous. So comments and encouragement like yours is truly cherished. ♥

      Thank you again!

  9. Your list made me tear up<3 SO PROUD OF YOU!

    1. Thank you SO much Brittany! All of your encouragement to me has been amazing. You are SUCH a sweet bloggy friend!

  10. You look awesome and your goal is just ahead of you. You keep inspiring me to keep it up cause Iknow I can do it too. It is really hard when you are a stay at home mommy cause all your time seems devoted but I am learning time for myself is good. I am also still stuck at a loss. I have only lost 22 lbs and I have been doing it since Jan. But I guess the good thing is I have not gained anything back. My goal is to lose another 60 lbs. I love your never list made think of alot of things. I love hearing about your weight loss and can not wait til the next one. Until then we can work together for encouragement keep it up.

    1. Crystal,
      So true.. As mommies our time really is already devoted to so many other things and people! But yes, we do NEED time for ourselves! We need to take care of and love ourselves, because we are the caregivers for everyone else, and we need care too!

      I am so proud of you, to hear you have lost 22 pounds!! That is still amazing! So dont count that out or say "only" 22 pounds is still weight loss and that is great! Definitely sit and make your own never list! And remind yourself of how wonderful you are doing! Soon enough that other 60 pounds will be gone!


  11. I found your blog through my yellow sandbox, and started following solely for the weight loss inspiration! I am so impressed with you! You have accomplished so much so far. 55 pounds! That is awesome. That is how much I need to lose to be at my goal weight. I don't know you but I feel proud of you for maintaining your loss. That is a big deal! Keep up the great work. I know you can do it! And please keep sharing your story, both what works and what doesn't, and we can all learn from each other!

    1. Melanie,

      Thank you so much for this encouraging comment! I cant express enough what it means to me to read comments like yours!

      And Though I love it, the fact that anyone would stick around for my weight loss journey still seems strange to me! But I am so glad for it, it makes me feel a little more at ease about posting this. As hard as it is!

      Thank you again SO MUCH for your wonderful encouragement. Knowing there are others on this same journey, rooting for me is such a boost of confidence. Yes, we BOTH can totally DO this! ♥

  12. i absolutely LOVE this post!!! I love that you shared and I love that you can appreciate all the ways that you have really loved yourself in this season. CONGRATS on working hard and making such good changes which have led to 50+ pounds gone packin'!!! It's encouraging to me b/c I've been stagnant throughout the summer too...I too, am trying to get down to between 130-140 and have hit a major summer snag...but also I'm trying to be NICE to myself that I'm only human, doing the best that I can and still loving myself. so proud!!

    1. Thanks so much Grace!

      Its nice to know Im not the only one who has been at a stand still this Summer! But I love all this encouragement we can give each other to PUSH forward and get the ball rolling again. :) Thank you so much for the positive encouragement. I know we can do this! :)


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