Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Reunion Night Photos

This is my sister Mona. We are 11 months apart, and yes we were in the same grade!
And *Swwooon* I LOVE this pic of The Hubs with Mona. 
He looks SOOO handsome in it.. Almost just as he did in High School. ♥
 The Girls again!
Agh... I dont dance... Not very well anyways.
The Hubs is an amazing dancer.. I let him lead of course.. But I still trip all over my own feet! HA
 I think this is a photo of us kissing in the dark. LOL
Though I look like Im pulling away from him and I dont know why? 
 Can you find me??
 Im right in the middle front!
 The Hubs is way on the end over there <---
So many people have asked how the reunion was.
It was a lot of fun of course.
The funny thing is, as many of you might know from previous posts,
that I was sort of a loner in High School, I was very shy and awkward.
And because of that I came off as a snob to some, and a nerd to others in my HS days! 
On the other hand there is The Hubs.. who was VERY popular in High School.
He played sports, was friends with EVERYONE, was known as one of the strongest guys in school,
and was (still is) very good looking.

Originally he didnt want to go, he doesnt do too well in crowds now, ever since his injuries in Iraq.
And his memory is bad too... So he really wasnt wanting to go. But I didnt give him much of a choice.
And he gave in. But he ended up doing good. Every 5 minutes he was talking to someone new.
NOT that he had a choice, everyone remembered him and had to talk to him and reminisce about
the past, his awesome strength and muscles, HAHA, tell stories and talk about what was new.
It was fun seeing him like that, and around people... He hasnt done that in so long.
Oh and it was just the funniest thing; People seemed to be amazed and think it was just the cutest thing
that Bruce and I were friends in High School and ended up getting married. ♥
Yeah, I guess we are cute like that! LOL ;)

As for me I got to catch up with the few people I was actually close to and that was so nice.
It was amazing to see people now, how some have changed so much and some almost seem the exact same.
I loved being out with The Hubs and dancing and listening to music from "back in the day". haha

I guess the only weird part for me was talking about myself!
Ive always found that hard to do.
Like when someone would ask what I have been up to...
I kept finding myself saying "nothing" or "not much" which is obviously NOT true!
I found that Im still pretty shy and awkward at talking to people. :)
Eventually I was able to talk about my kids and my business and such and that was great.
 I even got to talk to and get to know people who I wasnt friends with in High School,
and that was something I enjoyed too.
I'm glad we went, and Im even more glad The Hubs enjoyed himself even though he didnt want to go at first!
I still can hardly believe its already been 10 years since High School.
But it was definitely great looking back, and seeing old faces again.

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. You look gorgeous! and yep, hubby is a hottie, too!

  2. Definitely sounds like you had a great time. I have always enjoyed my high school reunions. I almost wish we could skip all the drama of high school and just know each other as adults. People are much friendlier and less clique-ish as adults. I can't believe my 20-year reunion will be next year!

  3. I am glad you 2 had a grerat time. I love the pictures thanks for sharing your expierence with all of us.


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