Saturday, August 25, 2012

The Hubs Choice

Sooo I had been complaining about my hair for a while.
I was getting sick of my not so wanna be "ombre" roots! ;)
So I asked The Hubs what he thought I should do.
He was like *shoulder shrug* "I dont know.. I like it how it is!"
"Gah! That doesnt help!" I grumbled.
So I told him, I want to dye it again because I was sick of it! 
But that I didnt know what color to do it.
He asked if I just wanted him to go get some dye and dye my hair for me,
since going to the Salon wasn't in our budget this month.
I was like, "yes, I just need something new and different... "
Then I asked him again what color HE wanted for my hair.
I told him to just think about it and tell me.
So he jokingly suggested that he would just go to the store and SURPRISE me with a color of his choice.
That actually really intrigued me, so to HIS surprise, I smiled at him and said OK!
He didnt believe me "Are you sure?!?"
Me - "Yeah! Why not? You're the one who has to look at me, so you pick something YOU want to see!"
Hubs - "Ok, I will then!"
I mentioned this on my facebook page and everyone was like "wow youre brave". haha
But to me, its just hair, I can change it if I dont like it, and I really did want something new.
At this point I figured anything would be better than what it was.
PLUS I know The Hubs taste, so I kinda had an idea of what he would choose.
But he didnt got for what I had thought.... He went for BLACK!
So it really was a surprise to me! :)
Im still getting used to it, but I actually really like it.
And The Hubs loves it. ♥ So Im good with that.
Bee Tee Dubs in case you were wondering what amazing eye shadow I am wearing...
Its called "Confection" and its from Radiant Cosmetics!
Its a pink-ish color with gold shimmer, which makes it look mostly coral depending on the light. :)
Its a gorgeous color and I LOVE it with my new black hair!

So, what do you think of the new hair color?
Would you let your man pick a color for you??

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. Good for you for taking a chance!! I look TERRIBLE with black hair, I tried it once myself and then recently had a hairdresser who apparently didn't pass kindergarten (I said dark brown, she gave BLACK). But you're right, it's just hair and it can be fixed. Glad you are enjoying your new look :)

  2. it suits you so much,with the white complexion of your skin,would like to see a farther look at it!

  3. It looks really good on you. I'd never let my hubby pick my color because I think it would be blonde! (I'm no way near a blonde.) I love that eye shadow color--going to have to buy some, it's exactly the color I've been looking for! I love your photos too.

  4. I like the new color, looking forward to seeing it in person, only 5 more days....yipee!!!

  5. WOW!! Kudos for BOTH of you!!! Great choice & it looks very becoming on you!! I too would love to see a shot just a bit back to get the "whole" pic!! Also like the color of the shadow. It definately is YOU!!!!

  6. Its very stunning. Makes your eyes stand out even more. You are one brave woman. Lol

  7. I like it! You are brave and I love the trust you both have for one another, another reason why I love you. :)

  8. I really like it! Let's see more pics! I especially like your lip gloss, what gloss are you wearing?

  9. Your brave, but it looks great girl, brings out your eyes!!! Good job, hubby!!

  10. Beautiful color. I will be going darker next time I color (hopefully very soon). I don't know if I could trust what my man would pick out though. I saw a guy in the store the other day on the haircolor aisle looking so confused. He said his wife sent him to pick out some brown color. The poor guy. I tried to help. I can only hope her hair turned out as pretty as yours!


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