Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Therefore Shine

Headband: Agape Love Boutique, Earrings: DIY, Necklace: Love Sparkle Pretty,
Beaded Bracelet: Mila Rose Designs via Arm Party, Hand Stamped Wrap Bracelet: c/o Jessica N Designs

Recently I made a personal goal.
The goal is simply to shine.

I want my love for God to SHINE.
To glorify God in What I say, What I do, What I wear, How I present myself.
And yes, even in doing my favorite hobbies like crafting and "silly things" like wearing makeup.

It has always been my intention and hope to glorify God in all that I do.
I would hope that, that is something that is obvious and apparent when you visit my blog.
I know that this blog is one way I can reach out to so many people, right from my own home.
But I've recently thought... What about outside of my blog?

Is it obvious in my every day life...
Am I LIVING what I am expressing on my blog?
Are people seeing God through me?
Am I friendly, loving, caring?
Am I shining God's light?

Of course I would want to say YES.
And its not that I am NOT being a light for God...
But I am not sure if I am reaching out as much as I could IN PERSON,
as I try to reach out on my blog.
I would like to people who meet me, to see that glow.
To notice there is something different about me.
To be exceptionally nice, helpful, loving.

I want to be "God with skin on".
Show others the love, grace and mercy God has shown and freely given to me and everyone.
So I am personally challenging myself to look for ways to SHINE for God.
To do good deeds in His name.
To do more than just THINK about doing good.
MORE than just supporting others who work for a good cause.
But to actually step up and step out and PERSONALLY help.

This is something that is a little out of my comfort zone,
because I am actually VERY shy in person.
And I am very AWKWARD.
I'm bad at conversations and being out going.
But I know that if I am going to allow God to use me,
I need to step out of my comfort zone and be readily available.
As well as be open to opportunities He sends my way.

I am sure I have passed up or missed many opportunities to be "God with skin on"
because of my shyness, or lack of enthusiasm to step out of my comfort zone.
So I'm on the look out.
Im praying for opportunities, for God to open my heart and open my eyes
to the world as HE see's it, and how He can use me for His will!
If you are the praying type, I encourage and appreciate all prayers for me in this aspect as well.
And I will try to keep you posted on how this goes. :)

Much Love & Hugs,
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  1. 1. LOVE your eye makeup!!!
    2. Ive been wanting to give glory to God too, so Ive been praying about my blog, I love the idea of giving glory to God with your jewelry, I like that metal plate with the yellow band...Super Cool!!!

  2. Loved this post! I've been thinking of a post for my blog along a similar line. I'm struggling with how to transcribe my thoughts adequately. It sounds so good in my head, but comes out disjointed and confusing.

  3. Love your bracelet, and the idea of this!

  4. You are Be-YOU-tiful! Love this post!

  5. What a beautiful post! And for your information, I think you are one of the "shiniest" people I've "met!"

  6. This post is beautiful!!! I love the bracelet ;) Thank you for sharing it!! xoxo

  7. Girl, you are so cute!! I DO thank God for ALL things EVERY day!!! It is so nice that there are others who do the same instead of only talking to Him when there is a complaint or a need!! I am ALWAYS thinking how I am going to feel when MY life is up on the big screen & God is viewing it in front of everyone else! Is there something I did today that I would'nt want God & all to see? I thank Him for good traffic, ask Him to Bless the jerk who just cut me off, thank Him for beautiful sunrises/sunsets, (we do have the MOST beautiful rises & sets here in The Land of Enchantment), for the kritters in my yard, the songs of the birds who chose to nest under my balcony, my Family, my Reason For Breathing Daughter & for the choice God made when He introduced me to David!!! We are going to celebrate 20 years married on Aug 29!! NO, I am NOT perfect, this way of thinking took years of practice, prayers & apologies to HIM!! I realized my drive to/from work was allowing Road Rage to enter my mind in a very UGLY way & that is when I started to change the way I thought about others in my daily walk. I worked for the same company for 8 years & that is honestly about how long it took to change!! I do not go to church every Sunday but there is NOT a day that goes by that I don't have a "talk" w/ Him. Most days I talk a LOT!! When I found your blog I knew!!!! I knew you are a Child of the Father, you DO shine, glow w/ His love! I WILL start praying for you to be able to find that what you feel is "outside your comfort zone" will become your new Normal!! Funny, I never would have thought of you as shy. You seem to have it all & all together. If I met you in public, not knowing you from Eve, I surely would have mentioned how beautiful you are!! I am not shy in ANY way. You can do this Maria!! I've watch you transform into your butterfly outfit this last few months so once you start 'flapping' those wings, you won't be able to stop!!!
    Let's start this right now, "Lord, please give Maria the ability to SHINE in public the way she shines on her blog. Allow her to comfortably witness to others the way You want her to. Father, Maria feels so Blessed & she wants to verbally show others how they can feel Blessed also. I lay this at Your feet & I will pray as well every day for the "Gift of God Gab" that Maria so desires. I ask this in Jesus' Precious Name, Amen"!! Love ya Girl!!

  8. I seriously JUST saw this post! You are such an amazing person and even though I haven't actually met you in person, I would still stick to that. :)
    God has certainly used you and will continue to use you as long as you let him.
    Thank you so much for featuring my necklace and I wish you all the best!


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